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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Playing catch-up with Playtime and re-stocking

Last time I wrote I was busy preparing for my de-stash sale
at our main Guild here in Auckland.
I'm pleased to report that the sale was extremely fruitful in terms
of cash for some of the new range of fabrics on the market.
I have just a brief look further along.

The last post showing Playtime - the quilt in progress below -
was in March and since then it has languished in a drawer.
This was the result of the challenge to create a Medallion quilt with
Ad Hoc Improvisational Quilters.

I thought it was about time I revisited this project.
I made more Kaleidoscope 6" blocks as per the top row in the photo for
the opposite side. By the way the photo is not orientated correctly but you'll  see this
further along.
Here I have to say that apart from the four centre blocks
I was 'flying by the seat of my pants' and fitting everything to work
around the centre and not measuring accurately.
The flying geese had to be different sizes in order to fit, that's ok
it is Ad Hoc Improv after all.
Things began to come unstuck when I started on the kaleidoscope blocks,
however I pressed on and added four corners losing points and
gaining odd shapes along the way. 

Then I decided to add borders.
I realised at this point that I had
committed two cardinal sins in all this, swapped from the original machine
to my older model and then used two different tape measures and rulers!!!


Not Good
The borders are pulling in, at least on the left, right and bottom
so these are going to have to come off and I'll re-do them.
You will have no trouble spotting the irregularities I'm sure. 
Truth is that it was in the rubbish bin three days ago but I decided to
pull it out before adding the borders and when I've sorted these Playtime
will be going back in the drawer to hibernate!

Change of plan  - now added to quilt tops waiting to be quilted!

I watched a video interview with Kaffe, Liza and Brandon two days ago,
they were asked whether they were concerned with perfection
in their quilts, both said no they were not, Kaffe said that perfection was sterile,
well he may have changed his mind had he seen this quilt of mine!!
Time to move on I think.

A package of Vibrant Blooms by Shannon Newlin arrived
on the doorstep four days ago

and yardage of this one

the pattern is ready and waiting and I'm hoping to make a start next week.

Meanwhile as soon as the new Kaffe Collective range appeared
I was on the computer like a shot ordering, they arrived yesterday and
I'll put those up next post but a peek below of two which I 
am in raptures about

and the largest flower is almost 8" perfect for a quilt
needing a show stopping feature fabric.

So there we have my post for this Thursday, not a lot to show really apart
from my additional fabrics - do I need more fabric you may ask -  No,  do I care that I still
fall in love with the colours and designs and add to my stash - not a jot -
I am feeding my soul.

And that's it from me today apart from a garden photo, I have lots of clumps of these
little white cyclamen

just a little damaged from all the rain.

Bye for now, back next week and hopefully in a better frame of mind and 
on to another quilt!



Nancy J said...

those glorious fabrics, they would lift your heart and give you great delight. Hope they fill they gap left after the guild sale!!!

Julierose said...

Just vibrant fabrics will perk you up for sure...I am at a standstill in my sewing. Too hot to be hauling quilts around and no ideas--nada, zilch, zip!! So a rest is in order....hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

those fabrics are so pretty! good luck on the finish of your quilt

Quiltdivajulie said...

Hear Hear - what a terrific post. (I don't remember the medallion challenge with AHIQ . . . but I like what you're making. Glad it came back out of the rubbish bin) Would you mind sharing the link to the video interview you listened to with KF and BM and co.?

Sharon Leahy said...

Good morning, Maureen, smiles across the miles, from one continent to another ... I'm really in love with your Medallion quilt -- I looked and looked and couldn't see any issues with your progress so far ... if the blocks can be wonky and ad hoc, it seems like the borders can be also ...just the next step of letting loose and playing.
But, more important than that is that you have a fabulous eye for interesting blocks .... I was transfixed by the diamond centers made in your rows of kalidescope blocks! wowser! And the row of dominant squares made by the rows of churn dash blocks! Secondary pattern heaven! Thank you, thank you. I've only been following your blog this year, but you've taught me so much! (and I've been quilting for decades! Whoo-hoo, old doggie learning new tricks!!!) Smiles and thanks!.

Louise said...

I love the fabrics you've chosen for the borders and corners of your medallion quilt! So rich and luxurious. I'm sorry the borders are frustrating you. It doesn't really show in the photo, but if you can see it then I know it weighs on you. I've gotten a little more relaxed about my own borders if they get wavy, since I quilt them myself and can hide a bit of the rumple. But we all know our own limits on these things. Your new fabrics are a joy to behold!

Janie said...

Wow! Gorgeous fabrics here. Your Cyclamen are lovely in white.
And your improv medallion is exciting. I understand about getting fed up with project results. The high and low of creating can be intense.
I've done the same thing ( throwing a project out) then later I realized I was awfully hard on myself.
A good cure for that is a walk on the beach.

audrey said...

Love that 'perfection is sterile'! I so agree! If it bothers you, then try and fix it, but with adhoc, we really do have permission to end up with a quilt that isn't exactly straight and square too.:) It's hard, but sometimes better than expending a bunch of energy on a quilt that might not be our first love. Though don't get me wrong. This is a great looking quilt! I really like it myself.:)

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I really can't see the problems with the medallion quilt but the tape measure probably can. If your borders blended in to the corner triangles instead of the contrast you have, you might not see it at all and could then just square it up after borders.

I had to have a little fabric therapy too with the new Kaffe's. We have to keep up to date with them after all!

Clare M said...

I love your ad hoc medallion quilt Maureen. The rich colours are fantastic and I don't have a problem with how it looks. I think its stunning too, and agree with everyone. We are our own worst critics. Love your new fabrics and agree with your reason for purchase. Maybe I should sell off some of my batiks...hmmm can I part with them?? lol.

Linda said...

Pleased to hear you did well selling on some of your fabric stash. Love the new fabrics you have bought, so pretty. Your quilt is coming along nicely, well done for persevering.

Judy Martin said...

All I can say is that I love that medallion quilt and can not seem any problems with it. I do not like perfection - in fact I prefer imperfection because it is more like our lives. Buddhists say that there are 3 principal characteristics for human existance - and that these happen for everybody so just relax. impermanence, egolessness and suffering -
life and quilting have their ups and downs -
we are not to struggle - we are to relax and add happiness and colour to our stash xo

Robin said...

Amazing that you were going to throw this Ad Hoc quilt away. I'm so glad you rescued it from the trash bin. I've been discouraged with projects like that before. We 2nd guess ourselves and it just produces self-doubt. This piece is the kind you see at quilt shows and say, "How did she do that?" Is bright floral fabric the best?

Kate said...

The ad hoc quilt turned out beautifully, if not perfectly. Glad you rescued from the bin, it really is full of beautiful colors and movement. I'm adopting your "I am feeding my soul" approach to fabric purchases. That's absolutely perfect way to describe the feeling when a box of fabric arrives.

Cathy said...

Oh my! I can't even believe you would ever think of tossing something so fabulous. Glad to see it's going to get quilted. I think it's perfectly wonderful and see no imperfections. And a quilt doesn't have to have perfect measurements in order to provide comfort. I haven't ever heard of anyone putting any of my gifted quilts up on a wall to look at or measure. But I sure have heard that they appreciated and were comforted by them. And don't tell anyone but I don't think I have ever squared up a quilt!!

O'Quilts said...

I LOVE this post, the medallion quilt and the fabric....do not stress, dear friend...your work is wonderful xo

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I am so happy to hear that quilt top didn't end up in the bin. I think it is lovely!