Waiting In The Wings

Monday, February 3, 2020

A squirrel in the studio

Wish I was keeping cool like this little fellow instead
of baking in the heat!

 As you can see a squirrel has appeared just as I was sewing up
the diamond quilt and is the cause of my becoming
distracted by a quilt pattern from Robin Pickens.
She has used, apart from one dark fabric, quite muted tones in her
quilt but as the title
this gives free rein to my love of rich, saturated colour.
My idea may or may not work, time will tell.

I need four colour families which I guess could be just using
a dark purple along with a lighter purple and
choosing two tones of the complementary colour.

This fabric above begged to be included in the quilt.
Now Kaffe Fassett uses many colours in one fabric design as
we can see above. and it can be difficult to assign them a definite colour category.

I love the green background, there are also lime green touches
in the tulip flowers, blue in the vase, yellow/orange in the leaves
and also a rich red.
Oh, I need five fabrics in each colour group.
Why not go totally mad and see just what develops.

This fabric has red, blue, orange/yellow and orange  and a little lime green
but is referred to as a lime colourway nor could it be used as a yellow,

would fabrics along the limey green/yellow side work as another colour group?
Also another fabric as a favourite is this Brassica with purple, rich golden orange
and also does have the green in but you can't see it in this piece.

Unless you can see the pattern it's going to be difficult to envisage
how the mix would look.

I would need another colour and then work from there

So just playing to get an idea of the LH fabric and the RH fabric and
this looks  a little like a disaster zone presently, but the whole
thing is a work in progress.

My cutting table is piled high with so many different  fabrics to be auditioned. 

As it's now just too hot to be in here so I'm off for a cool drink
and a re-think tomorrow!

See you in a few days



Julierose said...

Oooh lovely lush colors--you are so good at mixing them together sounds great--I'll be looking in to see how it goes with your "new squirrel";))) hugs, Julierose

Pip said...

Looking forward to seeing how these fabrics come together, they are looking great so far.

Debbie said...

Whatever you are planning....it sure looks interesting and full of color.

O'Quilts said...

wonderful color play. Please trade some weather...I be so cold and you be so hot!!!! xo

Janie said...

Yes, get a cool drink quick!
I looked at Robin Pickens, quilt design, 'Positively Bohemian', it's a beauty for sure.
And it looks as though a firm distinction between light and dark will make her design sing.
Have fun!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I had to look up that pattern. I bought the Dandi Annie line of fabric which she made it from but I can see it would be great in many combinations. I'll be watching...........

Louise said...

Very few of Kaffe's fabrics can be summed up with a single word, I think! Lovely selection here for your +Bohemian. I'm catching up on blogs after a bit of a holiday trip, and was sad to read about some of your news in the last post. My condolences on the loss of your friend. I'm sure your gorgeous quilt gave her warmth and comfort.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Such beautiful colors! I'm sure you'll figure out the exact best combination of fabrics to use!

Linda Swanekamp said...

I had to look up the pattern. Love it. Your fabric is so beautiful for it. After some long thinking I know you will come up with a great scheme.

Linda said...

Fabulous collection of fabrics and rich colours. Hard to make a choice as to what to use, no wonder you needed a cool drink!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wow, I love these fabrics. I never buy them because I don't know WHAT I would do with them.
xx, Carol

Ann said...

Such a rich collections, Maureen. Adding geometrics to those large florals makes them work better together. I can't wait to see how this turns out. BTW, we are freezing here today.

Raewyn said...

Don't you just love the odd visiting squirrel - the feeling of excitement and inspiration!! It sure sounds like you had a lot of fun with this colourful scheming and planning.

Kaja said...

Bohemian does sound right up your street, Maureen. You've definitely pulled together a luscious group of fabrics to work with.

audrey said...

Can't wait to see what your end game is. I love these rich fabrics and always try to buy one or two when I'm in a store where they actually sell them. I love that you gather so many together and make a beautiful statement out of them, whereas I tend to sneak them into my quilts in little tiny bits.:)

Marie said...

Totally decadent - love it!

Quilting Stories said...

I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics and the bohemian style. Matching fabrics is always so difficult for me! I think that you managed pretty well! Eager to see the progress...