Waiting In The Wings

Saturday, September 12, 2020

As Bob Dylan says - The Times They Are A-Changin' - but I'm back writing a blog post!!

 It's been almost four weeks since I wrote a post and I confess haven't
read all your posts on a regular basis. I've had a busy time with clinic
visits and hospital visits and consultant visits.
I shared my cardiac issues some time ago and don't propose to
bring them up again here except to say I was left in no doubt at my last
visit to my cardiac consultant that things are more serious than I had thought.
Bearing that in mind I purchased some of the latest KF Collective fabric, purely to lift
my spirits and  I also have a finished top!!

Oh, this post is rather heavy on photographs, I give you fair warning!

I decided to add the extra border and so pleased that I went with that,
thank you for the comments left last post.
I'm Happy!
Measuring 38" square.

Half yards were the order of the day buying the new KF fabrics, the only
one I bought yardage of was the new colour Guinea Flower

but I do regret not taking a chance on yardage of Agate in the colour
scheme below

all the colours in this range are amazing.

Four new Spot fabrics were in the parcel

I love Merlot, the very top piece.

Thinking ahead I pulled out fabric for a quilt to be made at the end of the year
for our eldest grandson

I don't propose to use all of the solids shown.
Can you tell that I'm a fan of the Lotus Leaf design?

Here's the pattern  but there'll be a little re-thinking regarding the
strips on the diagonal

Next task was to decide which projects I had set aside no longer appealed
to me, first up was Stonewall so the book went back on the shelf
and the fabrics so far chosen went back into the stash. I really couldn't face sewing 
all those 2" HSTs!

I then remembered we were almost halfway through September and
I had a quilt to make for our eldest son, it was to be a surprise for his birthday
but then DH let the cat out of the bag and told him, needless to say
I wasn't too pleased.
This is an out and out kit and the pattern a Free Spirit freebie but it appealed
because eldest son likes Amish quilt (made him one years ago) and needing to keep things
simple at the moment I though this was a good compromise.

Centre and first border

second round added

The problem with the KF woven cottons is that they're so very fine
and it's a heck of a struggle to keep them straight, I remembered I had
an extremely light Vleiseline roll, just iron on and there
is no change to the drape of the fabric but it does add a little body
and makes sewing so much easier.

I'm steadily working on my Lego blocks and don't need to wear the wrist brace continually,

If you can bear a couple more photographs here's one of
the two visitors we had join us for breakfast during the week

please excuse all the weeds in the garden.
Here's a close up below of a lonesome rosella 

Now I'm going to get a hold of a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit and 
catch up with reading your blog posts.

Keep safe and well amidst the mayhem in the world right now.



Nancy J said...

Gather those glorious KF fabrics, and the Rosella, and as another dear blog friend in US says, " Carpe Diem". The unseen parts of our hearts can dance to a different tune, out of sync, or struggle to beat as they should. I am guilty to be so thankful for my angiogram, and stent surgery, even this morning as I walked round the block at 7 a.m. ( unheard of a few months ago) I was still amazed at the miracle that was in my LAD. Hang in there, sometimes they can be wrong. LOL from a sunny day down here after a 4C start,XXXX

Julierose said...

Hope all goes well for you, Maureen; I agree with Nancy--the prognosticators are not always 100% right...keep yourself uplifted with your beautiful fabrics and projects...hugs julierose

Linda said...

Hope you are feeling OK, Maureen. Sorry to hear about your health concerns. But pleased you have treated yourself to some new Kaffe fabrics, they look delicious! The rosellas are so pretty.

Debbie said...

Well, you did not miss my posts, as I have been absent also until today! Our minds must be in touch somehow.
Always love you color and bold sense of design. The Amish quilt is so nice.....love that simple impact it makes.
I did the same thing and let a couple project starts go back into the closet or trash....time is moving quickly for me too, so I recognize and understand your underlying meaning. One or two good scares can change your focus. So do what you love, buy the fabric etc you want and need. Just leave directions for it...just in case. I have. Hugs.

Linda Swanekamp said...

The fabric and photos are oh so inspiring. So sorry about the cardiac reports. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share today. You made me smile!

Quiltdivajulie said...

The new Kaffe prints are so gorgeous this time around - I purchased some, too. And yes, they do most definitely lift our spirits. I'm so sorry to hear about your cardiac reports - but working with your fabrics, making decisions on what matters most, and continuing to share your work with us --- all things that help focus forward. Sending many, many hugs!

gayle said...

Sending you all the virtual hugs! Enjoy all that glorious color - both your Kaffe's and your birdy visitors!

audrey said...

I am so glad you added extra borders to your gorgeous quilt! My mouth literally dropped open when I saw the picture and I was just saying 'oh yes...' Love it!!

O'Quilts said...

Maureen...we are tough as nails, you and me...we carry on..what else can we do. There is nothing like new fabric to give us a life...I too bought some..this time solids...hugs to you...xoxoxo Diane

Louise said...

I don't blame you one bit for putting away the idea of all those triangles. Too many tiny ones! One of the great things about the KF fabrics is they do so much work just with the designs, so simpler patterns still have that "wow" factor! Might as well take advantage of that :)

Holding many positive thoughts for you and your health!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your little quilt turned out a beauty! I too love the lotus leaf fabric in almost every color.
I can't even imagine a bird with so many bright colors in my back yard. We don't even have bluebirds in this part of the US.
Just keep playing with fabric, it is the best medicine for all that ails you.

Ann said...

I'm sorry your heart is giving you problems and hope your doctors have a workable plan for you. Love the borders on your new quilt - and the entire quilt. Your choice to use lots of Kaffe and to make the borders with two colorways of Lotus Leaf is stellar. The leaves almost appear to be matched across the borders. The solid triangles add the right amount of definition. Congratulations.
I've been going through my fabrics and plans, too. It's time to decide which we really want to make and which are passe.
I'm glad you can use your hand more, too. Another success.
Best wishes. Stay safe.