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Monday, November 2, 2020

Scraps and Secure Sites - https

Here we are in November, did anyone see the moon
on Halloween ?

I spent some time outside enjoying the sight of the clouds scudding
along and giving glimpses of the full moon - a blue moon I believe.
Suitably spooky!!!

This could possibly be a boring read today, nothing interesting to show I'm afraid
thanks to a hiccup with dental treatment involving more visits then
were envisaged and swallowing quite a lot of pain medication!!
An emergency pacemaker clinic visit,  a meeting with the cardiologist
involving blood tests and taking things at a slower pace
 also held up quilting progress.

So, dealing with scraps, lots and lots of scraps as you will see below

a flimsy red scrap bin - falling apart as you can see,
a 16" square bin into which I have just thrown scraps over the
past few years, however, I have three more bins larger than this one
also tightly packed with scrap pieces.

I thought it a good idea to empty this one onto the floor

and I had one heck of a shock at the amount
16" high, 28" wide and 36" in length!!!!
I hastily crammed them all back into the box and decided to
make a start on sorting this week, I think one box each week
will keep me occupied.

Shifting furniture around in my little studio came next and I
eventually found a use for an older sewing cabinet.
I enjoy having my computer in here but it is a small room and I needed
to think outside the box a little.

So here we have the cabinet closed up with computer sitting happily

but no room for my legs of course  and I have
the beautiful colourwash quilt by 
Wanda at Exuberant Color
above the screen.

On to the room for legs

door swings open with pens, glues, stickies, binder clips
and other fiddly bits, pus I have the large holder at the bottom
for patterns, notebooks and so on. I sit comfortably with legs tucked in!

When the computer is not in use it sits on my cutting table right up
against the wall, the top flap then opens to the left hand side giving me
an area of 51" long and I have a padded and covered piece of
board to sit on there, I then have a good size ironing area.
To do this I have to roll the cabinet more over to the right to meet up flush with
the cutting table.
Told you it could be a boring post didn't I?

However, I hope you will read what I have written below,  it's not boring, it is important.

A few of the blogs I visit and have visited for many years are
coming up with notice that they are not secure sites,
they have never switched to https, this is a simple matter of going into settings
and a quick tick solves the problem.

I am no expert and certainly would not have a clue of how to go into all the
details as to why it is so important for all of us but
Ann at Fret Not Yourself
whom I have followed for many years has written two
extremely informative posts with excellent information, she has kindly agreed
to my giving the link above to the latest post above on the subject and the link to her 
original information is given in there also.

I do hope you will visit.

I'll close with a photo of a stunning Clematis seen at the local Garden Centre

I'm wondering if I have room somewhere in my garden for this beauty.

Before I head off to make dinner I would just like to wish all my blogger friends
 in the USA a safe time in the days to come, sending my best to you all.
Please take care of yourselves.




Marly said...

You're brave tipping your bin onto the floor; if I got down on the floor to sort the pile I'd have the devil of a job getting up again! A bin a day is a good plan; I think I'll join you, but with the pieces on the table
Sorting the bags of scraps was high on my agenda anyway. They are already sorted by colour, but some pieces are too small to be of use and need to be ditched, and some are almost FQ size. My RSC project for next year is to "make" fabric from the crumbs and I'll worry later about what I'll do with it.

Julierose said...

That is a neat sewing cabinet--very organized...
I also could not envision myself getting down on hands and knees to sort fabrics--ouch!!

I usually just grab a handful at a time and begin piles on my dining room table--I have two baskets ready for sorting waiting for my energy level to rise (hahaha...). Good luck with that task
Hugs, julierose

Debbie said...

I love the new use for sewing cabinet...a great solution for a win-win.
Sounds like you have had some medical adventures again lately. I hope things are settled and improved for you. Our lives have enough fear and disruption without these events. I had a couple of bad pain weeks with the hurricane that came thru followed by 2 low pressure cold fronts.....pain meds almost daily. Just not the way I want to live.
OH, I would love to play in your scrap bin! I see some luscious fabrics there. My scrap bins are the reason I have 2 or 3 leader and enders running all the time it seems. No quilts, just tops. Someone else can deal with them after i am gone:)

Louise said...

You have enough scraps to make at least a dozen quilts! And what glorious quilts they would be with all that luscious color. Thank you for sharing how your little computer desk works. You know I love those compact, organized little spaces :)

Barb N said...

Thanks for the reminder about the blog https. I have a blog that I rarely use any more, and I hadn't changed it. Had to go through and delete a bunch of comments from spammers. I do appreciate the heads up!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh that big deep pile of scraps just begs to be sifted and sorted and play with . . . what glorious scraps you have!

MissPat said...

I laughed at your piling all the scraps on the floor. It reminded me of the Marie Kondo videos where she makes clients dump ALL their clothes on the bed to be sorted by whether they bring you joy or not. Hope you get the medical issues resolved so you have time to work on those scraps a few at a time.

O'Quilts said...

sooo happy to see a post from you..and a scrappy one at that...keep on keeping on xoxo

Janie said...

That is a lovely stash photo!
Hope you get feeling better soon. Thanks for the safe wishes. We are doing well, don't believe all the
hysteria you hear in the news. That's how they make their living, getting everyone worked up and coming back
for more.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

That's one yummy pile of fabric... #iwantherstash!

gayle said...

That's the most inviting pile of fabric I ever saw! (I'd happily nest in it!)
Ann clued me in how to secure my site and I'll always be grateful.
And I'll bet you could find room for that happy clematis!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

We all love to see a heap of scraps. Dealing with them little by little is the only way. I tend to keep scraps from each project separate from the rest. I think maybe it is time to put them all in one place.

I think some bloggers had someone else set up their blog and they don't know how to go into settings.

Ann said...

It's always a surprise to find how much fabric is crammed into our small-ish bins. Last time I dumped it on the floor, too but next time I'll sort it on the dining room table.
Your sewing table is wonderful. It looks so sturdy. Love the storage in the door.
Best wishes for your continued good health, Maureen. Stay safe.

audrey said...

Oh yes, the scrap bins that have pieces that multiply by the minute!:) Love a well organized quilt room. Mine is pretty small so I'm constantly having to stay on top of it! Good for you making yours work more efficiently!

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I have a few scrap bins. I try to organize them but fail miserably. I try to make scrap quilts but those scraps are still there! No reduction! I guess I'm stuck with them!