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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Challenges for 2023 with AdHoc Improvisation Quilters

Note: This is a post I wrote on AdHoc Improvisational Quilters blog site hosted by Kaja and Ann, I have been a contributor for a number of years. Many of you reading here may not be aware of the above blog, click on the link or on the sidebar button to visit, lots of information about the group and challenges are issued every six months, the first one for this year encourages us to share our quilting hopes and plans for the coming year. 

My post from 16th January:

 Have you ever been in the situation where you find yourself unable to move forward because of overload? That's where I am at the moment, bu I've spent a little time trying to come up with a short list.

Too many projects started without enough thought/preparation and they land in the parts box along with leftover pieces from previous quilts - need to work on this.

Quilts waiting to be quilted - unbelievable! I have the two quilt ladders in the hall with tops waiting

and more in the closet.

Heaps of scraps to be sorted, what to make with them, older fabrics which no longer appeal, where could I use those.

Two projects I really do want to make this year are the following:

Fonthill Quilt from Kaffe Fassett Passionate Patchwork

but I find I'm not happy with the various fabrics I've auditioned for the 1st and 4th borders. There are two colourways in the book, happily written on the page of instructions is the suggestion that experienced patchworkers might like to try the alternative colourway (to the one above) or their own colourway - hooray, the green light to go with my bright and bold look.

Same issue arises with Daylesford, I really do like the colours here (Jen Kingwell Quilt Recipes) but

I'm not sure whether I could follow through with the softer look, going with bright and bold again would be my preference. I could also change up a few designs in the border should I wish too.

Going on now to the post from  Ann with her project of a jacket for her son. Last year I signed up for a lecture online with Victoria Findlay Wolfe covering tips and ideas for the patchwork coats she had made. I immediately bought a pattern from a local store, somewhat easier than the ones in the lecture, not as many seams but still the scope for blocks or strips and so on. The longer jacket is my choice.

Last of all - my blog set up is in real need of being updated, that's going to tax me!

So, there we have it, just a snippet of the thoughts whirling around in my head, hopefully in a few days I will have plans more settled.

Oh I forgot, I want to make a quilt just for me!!! Everyone in the family have two/three each from me but I seem to be missing even one, need to address that asap with something special.

See you later


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Definitely make a quilt for yourself. I never used to have any quilts that I used because they were all part of my show and tell for programs for quilt guilds. Now I have several for myself and it feels so good.

Ann said...

Most of my quilts are quite old. Your plan to make some keepers resonates with me. And I still think we should work on those X-blocks together since we both have a stack of them.