Waiting In The Wings

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A good day for quilting!

We are having some very wet weather here in Auckland not great for me to get into the garden but just right for time on my quilting! Even though the weather is wet we did go off to the garden centre yesterday and bought two more camellias to extend the hedge down the side garden.

We also found a few more hellebores (no photo of these as didn't get them in focus and I'm not heading out in the rain again to take another shot) they are also white and doubles. I do like white flowers in the garden splashed in with everything else, we have huge spreads of the white Japanese anemones which sadly take over the whole garden if not ruthlessly culled now and again.

The hydrangeas by the driveway are underplanted with miniature white cyclamen, these particular ones are scented and smell delicious

We also bought a new shrub a Tibouchina and this one is not the usual deep purple but a softer lilac called "Moonstruck" this can go near the apricot climbing roses  

On the quilting side of things I have made a new block for 15 Minutes Play using some of the fabrics from Helen in the scrap swap (will be posting this later in the week) and made a few more blocks for the one below, still need seven more before thinking about borders. Yes, I know I have a few stray threads on there,  forgot to tidy them up before taking a photo!

I have to spend as much time as I can this week on my quilting because after my hand surgery next Monday (right hand) I will be out of action for two weeks or so - plenty of books to read and a stack of movies/series to play. I bought series one, two and three of Downton Abbey, two documentary films by David Attenborough - I am crazy about wildlife programmes/films especially fronted by him, my son bought me the movie Howards End and there are others all stacked up including a couple of comedies which may be needed depending on how painful my hand is!

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend and will make my next post more quilt orientated.


Exuberant Color said...

You really have a lot of blooms right now. My mother used to have cylamen as a house plant. I never thought about it being an outside plant.

Shelley said...

I hope your surgery goes well. I LOVE Downton Abbey! It will be 7+ more months here is the US before we get to see season 4. Thank goodness for DVDs :)