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Monday, May 13, 2013

Internet Woes and Sari Silks

At last! Back on line - our telephone landline went down early last week, a cable fault so we were told, we had no internet connection and all calls were diverted to my mobile. I hadn't realised until this happened just how much we rely on our landline access and the extent of our computer use. Technicians are busy this morning restoring services and lo and behold we are now able to use our computers. 

I had intended posting on Monday evening last week but time crept up on me and I decided to do it Tuesday morning - that's when everything went to custard so no post! I am getting this done quickly JUST in case we lose connection again whilst they are working.

There are a number of projects I should have been working on but haven't been very organised - time spent trying to work out a better arrangement for my sewing room and getting nowhere fast.
 I am busy on a piece for 15 Minutes Play and posted on there the start of the project below

 Sadly the Aboriginal Dot fabric is showing up as pink it's not, it's actually Pear a glorious soft green and I have tried to photograph with different setting, places on the wall and so on but it just doesn't want to play properly! This process is great and I can't wait to finish and start another! We re all going to produce a piece using the fabrics from our Scrap Swap. I also desperately would like to see my Pineapple quilt finished but that has been on the back burner for some time, I am going to post that one over on String Thing Along today here's  quick peek below

Nothing too bright in this one I went  for softer colours and have cut heaps of strips from lots and lots of my older fabrics, some I guess around 20 years old!

I love working with silk and have a number of hanks of Sari strips which I adore and  have made small pieces for gifts and also had them in a local Arts cottage. Now have more or less finished a larger piece which is just for me and I am about to get this framed - no glass. I have a small one on the wall in the lounge which was originally under glass to prevent anyone fingering the silk when it was in an exhibition but I just had to remove the glass - hated the look! I want to see the textiles, the shine on the silk and  threads not a shiny reflected surface. Haven't got a pic of this small piece so will include that next post.  The top two are close ups of two of the squares and the bottom one is the full shot - not happy with the colour of this in the photograph I need to change my design wall to another spot for better light. These are  couple of the hanks I have at the moment, I really should have taken one of the hank opened out - a myriad of colours.

Better not push my luck here so I'm going to post this now,  have a great week!

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