Waiting In The Wings

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Enjoying the welcome sunshine!

What a glorious day we're having here in Auckland, cool early this morning but been sunny and warm until now, the cool evening is creeping up on us. It would have been a great day for gardening but our soil is still pretty wet although the weeds would have come out easily I should have thought, which is immaterial really as I didn't set foot in the garden, certainly not to work but I did take a photo of one of my roses "Heritage" (at least I think that's the name - lost label) it's a David Austin rose, most glorious perfume, real old fashioned. Still a few drops of very early morning rain on the petals.

Guess who came to visit again today?  

Yes - my old friend the magpie (see earlier posting on my aversion to these birds), hope we don't have 
many more visits!

In my post Tuesday I had a shot of strips of fabric ready to make a quilt for our daughter which got off to a slow start, however I did complete the sub-cutting of the strips and was able to get under way with the sewing yesterday. The photo below has the blocks just pressed up on my old flannel design wall, in total there will be 20 blocks so it will be a good size when the two narrow and one wide borders are added. Not sure about the fabric in a block on the left, this is the same as the centre squares and I think it stands out too much in comparison to the rest of the fabrics, maybe I will wait until tomorrow and make a few more blocks and decide whether to take it out or leave in, perhaps if I have it in another two or three blocks it might work.

The light was fading a little when I took this so it possibly looks a bit dull. Daughter saw the fabrics and said she would love a quilt, she thought it had a Pacific feel to it. 

Been looking at a few more blogs and found a lovely one from Tauranga, about a three hour drive from Auckland, lovely gardening and quilting so I have added that to my blog list - thank goodness not everyone posts on the same day or there would be no time left for my quilting and all the household chores.

Don't know how many of you are fans of Kaffe Fassett and friends fabrics but I love them now got a fantastic stash together, but if you are a fan of his have you seen his new stripes?? First saw them on the new blog from Glorious Colour and they really are lovely have a look if you are a "follower"of his fabrics!

Seamus (old Irish Setter doggie) will be needing his tea soon so better go and feed him, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and happy quilting.



Ann Brooks said...

Your rose looks lovely. It reminds me of a Duchess de Brabant I grew at our former house - wonderful scent.
I like the fabrics you're using for this quilt and look forward to seeing more blocks.

Exuberant Color said...

Beautiful rose! Yes, I would leave that fabric in and repeat it in other blocks.
New Kaffe stripe is really pretty.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Maureen,
Thank you for the lovely email you sent. I have now added my name to your followers list. We seem to have lots of interests in common. Regards from Ali.