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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting there!

Not the progress I had hoped for after having my 6 week post op. check on my hand. I have a problem with pain and extreme skin sensitivity over the scar site and along the inside of my wrist and lower arm (told it is referred to as pillar pain) so only able to work on quilting a little at a  time and working in the garden - not at all!! However with the exercises I have been given improvement should be pretty quick, back to hand therapy next week.

Golly - what a shock looking at this photo of my progress with the New York Blooms,  the colour was true when I downloaded and cropped etc. but here just looks dulled down. Only put on the side border in the pink so far, the top and bottom to go on tomorrow and then  think what to do next.

I put the four blocks together then added a border of one and a half inches of the subway fabric sent over to me by Helen and received yesterday, next a very narrow border which will be around 3/8ths of an inch finished and this is the part of the photo which has lost out - it is actually a very bright rich magenta/pink and looks gorgeous, brings out the colours in the subway fabric and the blooms. I'll take another pic in a day or two when I should also have more blocks stitched on the quilt for my daughter.

Speaking of colour the gardens here are a bit lacking in that department at the moment, at least mine is because the rain has ruined a lot of my camellia blooms, so to compensate I have a photo of one of my all time favourites in the flower department - paeonies, love them to bits. Sadly this is not grown in my garden but bought at the local florists around October/November last year.

Isn't it gorgeous??

On the subject of gardens although I said above that mine was lacking in colour  I did have a walk down the back garden earlier and the daphne bushes are just about breaking into flower, if you haven't been able to walk past a daphne in full flower you don't know what you're missing - the perfume from them is out of this world. There are also green leaves from the bluebells starting to show now, this is one of the things I miss about "home" (England) the drifts of bluebells in the woods in Springtime, it really is too warm for them here in Auckland but I usually manage to have half a dozen flowering!!! Gosh, roll on Spring.

Daisy is looking forward to Spring I imagine, she is old now and loves to be outside but doesn't seem to know when to get out of the way of the rain and so many times I have found her absolutely dripping wet. She has an old chair just outside the lounge and loves to sit and soak up the sun when it's shining, but still sits on the chair when it's wet so to solve the problem of having to repeatedly go out, dry her and bring her inside I have put an umbrella over the chair - most people think I'm slightly mad to do this but hey it works a treat, I can angle it away from her when it's a sunny day or if it looks like rain I straighten it and she sits there quite happily with the rain pouring off her umbrella.

Time for our evening meal - chicken with herbs and garlic tonight, the smell coming from the kitchen is making me quite hungry, so I will go and eat.

Have a good weekend and happy quilting to all.


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imquilternity said...

Love, love, love your New York Blooms and sure wish I could see it in person. The subway fabric was the perfect choice, I think. It's gorgeous!