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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moving forward

I had intended writing a post on Sunday morning but we awoke to find that we couldn't connect to the Internet, this has happened a few times before. My husband spent absolutely ages on the 'phone to the provider being passed from "level one" technician up to "level three" before he could get anywhere, then told it would three or four days before the problem could be looked into. So here we are five days later, problem fixed but now the 'phone line is dead!!! Another 'phone call on mobile and only after he (husband) explained about my Medical Lifelink Alarm did he get anywhere - guess they didn't want the responsibility for a bad outcome if I went into v.tach and couldn't use the alarm for the medics! So, they are now working on the land line and I just sat down to write this post - the internet went down again, you can guess what choice words I used, after tethering the mobile or whatever it is that he does, I can at least finish this, I hope.

I have decided not to add anything further to my NY Blooms above, just put on a pink binding after quilting. I had started on a pieced border same sort of thing as the blooms but just wasn't happy with it, I needed the blooms to be the focal point, so getting ready to quilt it next week. Something simple as because I just don't want to detract from the subway fabric.

A few more blocks finished on the quilt for my daughter, I laid them out on the deck yesterday to take a pic and Daisy promptly sauntered up and lay down in the sun on the blocks

I have more to write but as  my other half needs his mobile set up I will have to keep fingers crossed and post again on Saturday.

Happy quilting


Exuberant Color said...

I'm glad you had enough of the subway fabric to do an outer border. It is perfect!

Carol E. said...

I love your NY Blooms and also what you have so far for your daughter. Both are beautiful!