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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fractured Quilt Along Week 4

Fractured QAL

Another week working on blocks for Fractured!
I have been a little more productive this week, the layout so far may change as I go along. I am making each block and placing as I go along to try and keep the colour flow with the dyed fabrics. In between making up a few C blocks using my favourite colours ready to place.
I found that there seemed to be a discrepancy between the detailed diagram of the four blocks on one page re the angle of two seam directions in the small four and a half inch parts  and the block lay out on the next page. What did I do but in the middle of making the first four I looked at the detailed ones, then next day started working off the layout for all the blocks, that's when I noticed this issue. However I 'm not intending to change a thing, don't have the time. No pulling the small blocks apart, as long as the pattern follows a zig-zag then I'm happy.

Here are three C blocks waiting for a home further down the track

The shot below is part of the top left hand quadrant

Now this doesn't look as bright as it should - I need to re-arrange my sewing room to get better light on my wall, I hope to work on that tomorrow. I can also see one block which needs to be moved and a brighter one put in place instead.

Everyone will be linking up with Vicki so please go and visit her blog to see what we've all been doing

We have had a few storms over the past week, very strong winds with huge gusts so I headed off to the veggie patch at the bottom of the garden this morning to see if there was any damage but luckily no harm done. The only damage is done on a regular basis with the darn snails and slugs. We have tried a number of ways to get rid of the darned things and don't want to put strong poison pellets down because of Daisy and Seamus so I am resorting to hunting them out by hand and popping them in a bucket of water for a while until they are no more and putting them in the compost heap!

Lunchtime - enjoy your weekend and happy quilting!


Sally T said...

Your colors just shimmer! I love the combination of the floral with the dyed fabrics. I'm also going to take your picture of your garden out to mine so it will know what its supposed to look like.

Julierose said...

Oh Maureen--I DO like how your Fractured piece is developing! So pretty! Those Kaffee fabrics with the hand dyes look fabulous. I haven't even begun on mine; I decided to finish up the wall hangings on my spare bed that need either: hanging straps, binding, or quilting. (Or I am dragging my feet as I re-read those directions lol!).

imquilternity said...

Ooooo... It's really gorgeous. I love the fabrics and colors you've chosen. This is going to be one gorgeous quilt!!

Exuberant Color said...

I didn't follow the angle of each segment used in the book on any of my C and D blocks. I just made sure they overall layout was right. I doubt every block in the quilt in the book has the same angle in every block either.

Vicki W said...

I agree with Wanda. I didn't pay attention to the angles of the blocks in the book. It was enough to keep up with alternating hand dyed and printed fabrics with the gold and purple! I love your blocks.