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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tales

I have been so caught up in the Fractured Quilt Along that other blog matters seemed to have fallen by the wayside. I had thought with my husband away in the UK for three and a half weeks I could spend my time doing nothing but my quilting - hasn't quite worked out that way! Looking after two ailing aged animals and an ageing self plus trying to keep the weeds at bay in the veggie patch and garden beds and all the usual cleaning chores seems to have made a huge dent in my plans. Also tonight we are in the middle of a storm, huge winds and rain and just as I was settling down for the evening with a movie which I have watched so many times (The Notebook) the power and telephone system went down!

Seamus (old doggie) was not best pleased with all this and I had to hunt out the candles, the huge lantern and go around making sure the power switches were all off and sat there listening to a howling gale!
But  hooray - the power is back on again, fingers crossed it stays on.

On the quilting front I have completed a few more blocks for Fractured, received  an order of fabric from Glorious Color, always lovely to fondle the fabrics, and found a photo of a quilt I made for our eldest granddaughter when she about 5 years old, from memory my husband took a quick shot of this so it's just a casual shot. Looking at it now I think I would like to make a couple more using this simple pattern.

Also on the quilting subject have any of you seen the fabrics from Kaffe Fassett Collective for Fall 13?
I happened to be looking at  The Fat Quarter site and they were showing them as coming in October - they are yummy!! Some new patterns and they have the Philip Jacobs Brassica - my favourite pattern - in two glorious colour ways, if you are a fan try and find time to have a quick look. I'm going to contact Glorious Color to see when they will be getting them in store. I really do need a larger studio! Husband actually suggesting taking down the wall between the room I am using (a small bedroom) and the room next door that would be great but if we do that he will lose out on room for his art and that takes quite a bit of room for his easel, paints and so on and I don't want that to happen, perhaps we could reach a suitable compromise.

After my quick ramblings above I will now brave the weather as my doggie needs a toilet stop outside - this should be fun!

Watch out for my Fractured post and the link with Vicki on Friday, although I can't link until Saturday am because of the time difference.



Julierose said...

Oh Maureen--storms are bad enough, but being alone....at least you have your doggie friend for company and comfort! Here on the southern coast of CT we get a lot of Nor'easters that do serious damage. Last year, after 3 huge storms and one October hurricane (late in the year for us!) we finally caved and got a generator. Funny-- yesterday Tom took me to the garage and put me through the paces of starting it--(as I am machine-phobic--I even battle with my vacuum-- that was quite a lesson!)--I actually got it started with much help and encouragement--hopefully I'll not have to do that alone. As we age in our lives, the threat of being alone looms large, I feel...!
Hope your weather calms down and you enjoy doing the "Fractured" quilt and not fractured nerves (LOL) Hugs, Julierose

Shelley said...

I haven't seen the new KFC fabrics for fall, but I'll bet they're gorgeous and I'll wish for multiple yards of each! What a great husband you have! Mine says that when both our girls are gone to college that I'll probably take over their bedrooms with all my fabric!