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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fractured Week 3 and Americas Cup Racing

Fractured QAL

Here we are again - week 3 of Fractured Quilt Along sponsored by Vicki hop along and see her blog, I shall be linking up there in a moment.  I am rushing to get a post in before the next scheduled race for NZ agains US in the Americas Cup - can't miss it!!

OK quilting - four blocks completed this week, next week I can crash on with the C and D blocks, that's the plan anyway, here are four more for the centre column

You should see my little sewing studio - total mess!

I am posting a cropped shot of a batik quilt made some time ago, the photo was not well set up hence the cropped look, I love the colour in this one.

I get great inspirational ideas for colour  in  quilts from my garden - and other gardens seen on my walks around the neighbourhood, one of my all time favourite shrubs is the hydrangea and I have a number in our garden, the one below is a delight to me, very soft colours in this one

So sorry about this rushed posting, just have three minutes left before race start so I'm off and will do my link after the race is finished!
See ya


Exuberant Color said...

I like your fabric selection. Glad you had time to get a few sewn.

imquilternity said...

I'm loving your blocks Maureen. Such wonderful color. That batik quilt is quite lovely and I agree with you about the colors... they are gorgeous. I love Hydrangeas too and have quite a few, but mine are dried out and faded, although still on the bush. I should see if I have any pretty ones like you do.

Laura said...

Great job so far--I started the cutting for this quilt this week, but work all day so my quilting time is limited! Hope to catch up this weekend and have something to post. Love the colors in your batik quilt, too.

Julierose said...

Oh I really like your fractured block colorways a lot--and that batik piece just glows! Have fun at the races...hugs, Julierose

shirley said...

that is coming along rather well

Sally T said...

I love your colors. They seem to just glow from deep within. Marvelous!