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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Midnight At The Oasis - not quite finished!!!

Desert Rose

As you can see hardly any progress at all!!
Events over the past two weeks have conspired against me due to late night and early morning telephone conversations with family in the UK regarding the health of my mother-in-law. Things just got too much for me and I was really tired and couldn't for the life of me summon up the energy to quilt.
It became obvious on the 30th December that it was only going to be a few days  before the end so my whole morning of the 31st was spent with John organising flights, insurance, putting affairs in order here before he flew out. Sadly we had completed more or less everything and he was flying out that night when we had the call that she had passed away. John obviously still flew out to join his three brothers and carry out all the necessary arrangements, he won't be home until towards the end of January.

I had such high hopes for showing a photo of Desert Rose ready to be basted and quilted ( the one above was taken with me perched on the edge of my high cutting table so not straight) and thought that when John left on Tuesday I would work on and finish it, but I feel so drained physically and emotionally that I couldn't do it. However, today is another day and I plan a quiet weekend to hopefully "re-charge my batteries" and move forward.

I did have a lovely surprise in the garden early this morning a new gladioli had opened - I had forgotten all about these in the garden - so I was thrilled to see the colour. 

Now I'm going to link up with everyone else and looking forward to seeing how many have all their borders completed.
The link is here at Fabrics and Flowers, we have one more link on the 31st January so stay posted!

Happy New Year to everyone


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The gladioli is beautiful. My mother used to grow them and we had cut flower arrangements in the house. I have never seen any with this coloration that you have. I remember the coral colored ones the most.

Sally Trude said...

You certainly have plenty of valid reasons for not making as much progress as you would like. I can't seem to get in gear because my sewing room is too clean! I love the color of the gladioli. It's so nice of you to share garden color with those of us surrounded by snow and ice. And the coloring is magical. Makes me think there might be a pink and yellow quilt in my future.

jan said...

Your quilt is really looking beautiful. Don't feel bad that you haven't felt like quilting. You will get the energy back soon. Lovely flower!
xo jan@sewandsowfarm

Good Earth Quilting said...

I totally understand, this is progress and just loving that you had a flower bloom!!

Barb in Mi said...

Sometimes you just need a break!
And you sure had a lot of reasons to take some time off.
Hope you feel better and find pleasure at completing Desert Rose!

Janet said...

It is good to let yourself have time to grieve. The quilt will still be there when you're ready.