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Monday, August 4, 2014

Kitty Time with Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014

Very short post today, only put together two cats for RSC 2014 hosted by Angela  and realised how many WIP's I have waiting to be finished, more on those later in the week

The colour for the challenge this month is green but this time we're pulling out lights and brights. Looking through my fabrics I realised that I didn't have much at all in the way of light green but found enough for ten cats.

OK the cat on the right hand side  looks really spooky to me. I love this fabric but the way the veins of the leaf  have fallen  the cat seems to have the face of a lizard!  Had the fabric on the bottom RH side been placed where the face of the cat should be I think that would have been OK. Might have to redo this kitty!

Linking up now with everyone at RSC 2014
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Julierose said...

Maybe it's a "nighttime kitty"--somehow not spooky to me...just sayin'. That kitty pattern is on my list...still trying to get UQ's done...hugs, Julierose

Susan Sawatzky said...

I wonder if anyone else has commented on the font used on your blog? It is very difficult to read on my computer, all broken letters.
I'm using Chrome. Just wondered if anhyone else has trouble with this.

Deb A said...

Looks like he is hiding in a patch of ivy to me! I was thinking the spooky one was on the left - with all the spider webs! I have no issues with the font - it reads just fine on my Mac.

Mystic Quilter said...

Susan I am sorry but I am unable to reply to your comment as you are a noreply-comment blogger, and with Google+ but no email enables but thank you for your comment.

Fibre frenzi said...

Love the greens x