Thursday, August 28, 2014

Play time

Forgot to write a post yesterday, a busy week on the home front and not much achieved on the quilting front.

Cotton Candy
Four more rounds added to Cotton Candy and I know this is not the best photo, there are a few wrinkles there as I haven't smoothed the top down I'm trying to manoeuvre around an ironing board which is much to large for my small room, my new sewing cabinet and so on. Most important on the agenda over the next two days is to get myself a better working arrangement in this small room.

On my table I have a basket with the lovely dyed strips from Vicki Welsh and started playing around pulling any size string/colour and just cutting and stitching, throughly enjoyed and found it very therapeutic! This is a two block practice but I do intend to sit myself down one day just go for it and see how far I get.


  1. Wowser! Those are beautiful strips. You're lucky you could get them away from your cats. Also love the progress on the medallion big is it now?

  2. Vicki's fabrics are beautiful, aren't they? I love that she's so "scientific" about her process and can duplicate each color she makes.

    Your quilt is coming along nicely. It looks like a fun and easy one with the focus on the fabrics.

  3. Love the playtime hand dyed blocks xx


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