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Monday, September 1, 2014

Scatty Cats!!

I believe it is Labor Weekend in the USA, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

This post should really have gone out earlier but I've been down with a nasty bug and only just feel energised enough to sit at the computer and write and of course it's cat time!!! Ten green cats are all settled in their box with the others but I need a few more than the 120 originally planned so I think I'll throw in a few different ones over the next four months.


A package of new fabrics arrived last week and these two above are Martha Negley prints, I fell in love with both when I saw them and have the egg fabric in two more colour ways. 
 Visiting the local Bernina shop ended with me  buying a few "modern" fabrics which I normally just wouldn't go for but the peachy colour is a favourite,  there is a metre piece of the floral and a half metre of the others.

No plan for these at the moment but I have a few ideas bubbling away.

Heading over to Angela and RSC 2014

Yes, on the thumbnail in the Linky I am showing an older pic of two cats, having problems for some reason with reducing to thumbnail in my programme!


  1. Your new cats are lovely this week. I'll have a look at Mr. Linky and see if I can figure out why he is being difficult tonight.

  2. Good green kitty cats. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. What lovely fabrics! All of them. But the first cat particularly reminds me of your beautiful flower photos. No wonder you liked it so much.

  4. Love that hydrangea cat!! My personal favorite for sure! Sorry you are not feeling well; I am bumbling along here with my overworked LH thumb joint. Actually, with much help from my DH, re-arranging my sewing space to be--what I hope will be--more functional. Definitely need a new flat iron--mine just don't get hot enough and they keep turning off!
    quiet Labor Day weekend at home in the AC as it is SO HUMID 76% yesterday with a temp of 83 yikes--too hot for me...hugs, Julierose

  5. Hydrangea cat is my favorite! It looks as if it has a tail winding up its back. It occurred to me that as kitten season winds down over here, yours is just beginning.

  6. You found some beautiful new fabric; I love the pale orange. This'll be great for this month!

  7. Your cats are so much fun and the fabrics are always fabulous. I am trying to clear out very old and ugly fabrics so I can play with new ones.

  8. I love these green cats, such fun!

  9. Love your kitty blocks! Hope you feel better. Yes, it is Labor Day but I'm indoors with the air conditioning blasting. It's so hot and humid!

  10. Crazy cats - love them! You sure have a bundle of them: are they for several quilts or one king size quilt?

  11. I love the cats in both of the green fabrics! And the fabrics you bought are neat too. The feather one is interesting and I like zig zags too. Bugs really drain me too, but hopefully you're coming round.


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