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Friday, September 26, 2014

A slow week

Definitely a slow week - only managed three more borders on Cotton Candy

it was pretty gusty outside yesterday and the only way I could take a photo was to drape over the trellis gate. This quilt would have fit on my large design wall but Desert Rose is on there waiting for final borders, my next size moveable wall has Red Sea Sunset sitting there waiting for one last diagonal to be sewn, I obviously need to get on and finish these two projects. Just realised I still have Fruit Salad waiting for seven more blocks, must go hunt it out.

Been cutting lots of strips, the ones above are a few of the 2" Kaffe Collective fabrics these are intended for a quilt for one of our grandsons and as our surname begins with H what could be better than an H quilt which I first came across on Wanda's blog Exuberant Color, I've made a start on this so another quilt on the go.

I really need two or three days of un-interrupted sewing time to clear the first two three projects but there's always meals to make, house to clean, gardening, pets to feed, blog posts to read etc. and before I know it bed time has arrived. Obviously I need to be better organised.

On the plus side the iris above has opened, I love these and thought I had lost every last one but seems not.

Okay time to work on my organisational skills  - until next time have a happy weekend.

Seems to be a problem for folk double clicking on a photo  - they seem to be overlaying my post totally and blogger doesn't seem to be playing when I try to alter settings - apologies will try and fix for next post.


Sally T said...

It's so wonderful to see spring blossoms as a counterpoint to the yellow leaves dropping like mad here. And now pardon me while I go look up Fruit Salad...sounds delicious...

Caroline Heinrichs said...

i can relate your organization challenges, I usual have at least 3-6 projects going on all the time. Great strips looking forward to seeing how that goes..lol Carli

LA Paylor said...

is it spring there?? We are in Fall so I guess so with Iris opening! Happy summer to come
Leeanna at not afraid of color