Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oranges on Saturday RSC 2014

 On to the colour of the month - Orange

my cat collection is steadily growing and I do have quite a lot of orange fabrics ranging from very light through to the background colour of Oxblood - fabric by Philip Jacobs. Oxblood Pansy will be on show next week and I have to thank Wanda over at Exuberant Color for giving me the information that this Pansy was  Philip Jacobs 01 and that the Oxblood and Sunny colorway are now very rare, I'm so pleased I have some in my stash.

I wanted to make a small pillow cover  to sit on a Baltic pine sea-captains chair in a corner of our lounge, something simple and quick. Pulled out a handful of strips from my clean up cuts bin and came up with this top, yet to be finished with backing.

Obviously the strips are random and uneven but I had to square off the edges.
I'm happy with it and think I could sit for a whole day making these.

Now, for my next miracle I am going to try to link up with Angela and everyone making beautiful orange projects for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014. Those of you following these posts will possibly have picked up that I have been having trouble shrinking down to thumbnail size for the link, don't know why my mind has gone blank on the quick process I used earlier in the year.
Let's give it another try!

Still not getting it!!!! Maybe some incompatibility between the editing programme on my computer with Mr Linky, perhaps another programme is called for. Anyone use Picmonkey??


  1. Cutest kitties,Maureen! And I love that little wall quilt--very nice...hugs, Julierose

  2. Cute little kittes -- rare colorway kitties -- cool.

  3. You win the prize for most diverse oranges of the day. And this time I KNOW you made the cat with the tight curled tail on purpose.

  4. The cat blocks are excellent! And I like your string piece . . . yes, they are FUN to put together.

  5. Wow, love your orange cats, love the cushion top, a pretty post.

  6. Lovely fabric in the cat blocks. Isn't it fun to just pull our strips and come up with something beautiful and usable. Great little pillow cover.

  7. I'm an early visitor for the Around the World Blog hop. I see that Vreni in Singapore pointed to Alisa in South Africa, and Alisa pointed to you in New Zealand.

    I'm also in New Zealand and Vreni also pointed to me! What a small world. I love Kaffe Fasset fabrics too. I think those cats that you are working on are going to be fantastic. Which part on NZ do you live in? I'm in Wellington.

  8. Lovely oranges you have chosen to showcase this week.
    As to your question on photos, you don't mention whether you use Windows or an IPad or a tablet for the photos. There are several ways to shrink your photos and I use Picmonkey so if you want to send me an email by replying to this, I will try to help.

  9. Love your cool kittens! I look forward to seeing your kitten blocks each month.

  10. What a colourful quilt it will be! Making stripy projects is always fun.
    I hope you can figure out the picture thing.

  11. Love curly tail cat - so many orange choices: beautiful!


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