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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday Words and WIP

Cotton Candy

Only three more rounds added to Cotton Candy this week I've been busy sorting through fabrics most of the time. I notice that Wanda over at Exuberant Color seems to have been doing the same thing !

I was amazed at how many yellows I have in my stash, an abundance of green also. Blue is pretty well represented, red and pastel also but not too many real darks. May have to remedy that before too long.

One good thing about reorganising is that you sometimes find fabrics you had forgotten about, I was over the moon to find a small piece of one KF or PJ fabric (can't remember which now) and a larger piece in a different colour way

Just remembered the colour way of the small dark piece "Oxblood" - correct me if I'm wrong, and wished I had bought more yardage of this, same with the yellow, turns out I had  - found a half yard of each in a different basket, goes to show that it's best  to put away first off with like colours!

I  went off today to have a  pre-admission  check prior to  knee surgery, the problem had improved somewhat but we had still planned on going ahead, however when I met with the Clinical Nurse Co-ordinator for a chat it was decided because of the long list of health problem I have they felt it was safer to see if things settle further over the next six months, boy was I happy with that!!!  As the hospital was really handy to a quilting store we couldn't miss a call there  and I came home with a few quite different pieces of fabric - shown left. They will be put in my stash in their proper place!

I have been looking out for a small sewing cabinet to fit a particular spot in the studio for some time and just what I was looking for was on a brochure on the counter in the store, a small Horn cabinet should be with me on Friday and my Bernina Virtuosa 155 will live in that. My Aurora 440QE is set into a larger table for machine quilting smaller pieces.

More cats need to be worked on now so I'd better get busy.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Cotton candy is very cute. Is it going to get much bigger?

Barb said...

Oh...good news about your knee, I hope it gets better and no surgery.

Yes, I too love going through my fabrics...it is usually "I didn't know this was in there"...

Exuberant Color said...

That is Phil Jacobs Pansy, number 01. That is one I had never seen until recently when a friend asked about it and I did a search on the internet.
Yes, I am reorganizing too. I love doing it (instead of quilting my wallhangings).

Fibre frenzi said...

Good news about the knees ....... the joys of ageing!,, I love the quilting

Sally T said...

Your cotton candy quilt makes me smile.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Take care -and have fun re-discovering your stash!

Leeanne said...

Take care of those knees!

HollyM said...

My stash isn't quite big enough to discover fabrics. It's all folded on a few shelves. Discovering fabrics would be fun indeed.
I'm glad you're able to put off the surgery. I've got an appointment tomorrow to see what's going on with my knee and my hip.