Friday, September 23, 2016

Gypsy Wife and beautiful blooms

For two weeks I've been battling with two infections and coping with the
effects of the antibiotics to clear the infections!!
Not the best and no sewing was done for a good 10 days or so but Wednesday this week
I headed off to my machine. 

Gypsy Wife - now completed Section 6 - hooray!! Here I must say that it
was partially complete, I certainly didn't do the whole thing
in two days!

Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, the odd point missing etc.
this was a mammoth job and one I very much doubt I would do again.
Just four more sections to go and then the task of putting all
ten sections together - what fun!

Mine is quite a busy quilt, I guess some would say a bit of a jumble, but I
wanted to try and create the feel of the Gypsies of old and the ones we used
to come across in my childhood. Research on the colours they used show
that rich colours were favoured and mixed  happily together, especially
in their clothing - no co-ordinating required here!
Their traditional caravans were beautifully painted, once again using
rich, bright colours. 

Keeping with the subject of colour look what arrived for me yesterday

a feast for the senses!!
I intend to spend some quality time this coming weekend with my head
buried in the pages.

More blooms - but pastel this time. Tulips are up in the garden

just opening

second day

a peek into the centre

fading today
I think that's it from me until early next week, have a lovely weekend!


  1. The book is good reading. I'm only on page 20 and I'm enjoying it immensely.

  2. That's a shame you have not been feeling the best, perhaps your new book and tulips will brighten and cheer you up! Happy weekend.

  3. Two infections, you will have felt very poorly, Love the new book, and your tulips, way ahead of mine, one is still a bud, others are leaves!!!

  4. Love your Gypsy wife. Way out the best one I have seen.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Glad you are past the infections. Love your GW quilt....busy or not. You did capture the feel of a colorful caravan. I think it is great.

  6. Sorry you have been so ill--not fun; hopefully you are feeling a lot better now.
    Your gypsy Wife quilt is beautiful--you can visualize those Gypsies sitting around their nightly fires dancing in the firelit night--perfect!1 Hugs, Julierose

  7. P.S. My Yahoo mail acct has been hacked--so I posted a new address for RSS feed is coming through as yet from bloglovin--so don't know when I'll be able to be back....Hugs, julierose;0000

  8. Hoping you will be back to yourself soon. Beautiful tulip. Tulips always make me happy.

  9. Hope you will feel better soon☺ Hugs♥

  10. You certainly hit the nail on the head, colorwise! It is very gypsy!..and very very pretty. It just dances with color! Nice to see your spring tulips as things are dying here and we just went into Fall yesterday. Nice hope for Spring! Feel better!

  11. The perfect Gypsy wife quilt, flamboyant, jewel toned bohemian vibe. I have that new book from the library, I think there may be a Kaffe quilt in my future, one day ...... lots of big bright fussy cut blooms, though I do like his hexi quilts too ....
    Have a great weekend. Hope you feel better soon.

  12. It's amazing how different these GW quilts all look! I love yours... so vibrant, and very gypsy looking indeed! I love all the photography ion Kaffe's new book, full of colour!

  13. I love how the fussy cut flowers peek out as though the quilt is winking at me. And so nice to see spring come your way. Hope the change of season puts any health issues behind you. Kisses to Leila.

  14. Love your Gypsy Wife project, it's coming together beautifully. Hope you are feeling better and getting over the antibiotics. Sometimes the medicine seems worse than the disease these days.

  15. Hope you are feeling much better as you read this. You remind me, with all this talk of infections and antibiotics, I really must take my course of echinacea, a most effective natural remedy to boost immunity in advance of the Winter woes. It really wards off all germs for me and I take it before Winter and again in Spring.
    The Gypsy wife is doing so well.... can't wait to start one. I think I will buy that KF book when I go to his workshop in December. Sounds good, but then all his stuff is worth having.
    Jo x

  16. Beautiful quilt progress and flowers - rest and feel better soon!

  17. I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I think your Gypsy Wife gets that riotous style just right: all higgledy-piggledy colour and pattern. Lovely to see tulips too - always cheers me up.

  18. It's so fun to look at all the parts in your Gypsy Wife. I like the thought that the variety and styles of fabrics are much like traditional gypsy heritage. Gives so much more meaning to your fabric choices. And of course I love a jumble of color and prints.

  19. Lovely to see the tulips......really strange to think of you entering spring while we are gradually fading into autumn.....Hope the infections are improving x

  20. One of the benefits of friends in the other hemisphere is enjoying two springs. And spring with fall, come tithing of it. Your fabrics always reflect your gorgeous garden. Thanks.

  21. Glad you're starting to feel better!
    I love all that glorious color you've got dancing in your Gypsy Wife! Gorgeous!
    Hoping the book and the tulips continue to help your recovery. Oh, and Leila, too of course - kitties are very necessary for good health!

  22. I love your Gypsy Wife. It's just right, not too busy at all. Tulips are such an elegant flower and a wonderful announcement that spring has arrived.


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