Waiting In The Wings

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gypsy Wife blocks, fabrics, cats

There were a few things this week which interfered
with my quilting, sum of progress on 
Gypsy Wife only three blocks.

One of the above mentioned distractions was time spent stroking new fabrics,
all are from the Kaffe Fassett Collective guys.
I'm waiting patiently for the new range to be released.

Aboriginal Dot is a good one instead of
pure solid.

The ones below are half yard pieces, I used to buy
quarters but found they disappeared pretty quickly. 

I bought yardage of these ones below, I'm using a lot of the bottom
five fabrics in Gypsy Wife but was down to teeny pieces and
needed more.
The top piece is the green colour way of Dream, I realised
I didn't have any in my stash, remedied that now!

Not a chatty post I know but I have things to work on this weekend and
it's 9.30am Saturday here in NZ, almost time for a morning cup of tea
before it's head down to the machine.

One quick photo of Leila in a command position watching out for the huge
Maine Coon cat from next door who calls over now and again to
check her out - something she's not too comfortable about. 
We had one of the microchip cat doors installed when she began
to go into the big outdoors and she can hop back into the house

Enjoy your weekend.



Sally Trude said...

Oh dear, you are a bad influence. I wonder if stroking my fabric will keep me from a buying spree. Plus your gypsy wife blocks are great. But most of all, I'm surprised that you turned your kitten in for a cat!

Julierose said...

Lovely new stash enhancements!! Your blocks are so pretty--love how this one is coming along. Tempus Fugit--how quickly kitty = Cat ;-))))
Hope you are having a great weekend--we are awaiting "Hermine"'s arrival on Sunday....all battened down...generator at the ready..fingers crossed..hugs, Julierose

gayle said...

Leila is growing to be such a beauty!
And all those fabrics are beautiful, too, as are your blocks. Looks like a clean sweep of gorgeous at your house!

Nancy J said...

Beautiful fabrics, did these come by airmail from overseas ? And Leila, she is a beauty, great cat door innovation.

Kaja said...

Lovely fabrics - I especially like the colours in the Aborigiinal dots pile. I would be stroking too. Leila is growing fast now.

Linda Swanekamp said...

The colors are stunning, so saturated and vibrant.

Debbie said...

Luscious fabrics...you have a great eye for colors!

Louise said...

Sigh, I always love KF fabrics! Those colors...

Your little kitty does look a bit worried about that big Maine Coon. I hope the interloper kept his distance!

Rachaeldaisy said...

3 blocks is still progress, and surely looking at fabric is important part of planning.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Three more blocks done & dusted, they look great! I really love the 'tent' Kaffe fabric, must get a bit of that sometime!

Janie said...

Kaffe colors are wow and add pizazz where ever they go.

Kate said...

Gorgeous fabrics! I'd have spent a lot of time petting and dreaming over them too.