Waiting In The Wings

Friday, September 9, 2016


It's an absolutely beautiful Spring day today, although extremely cold and yesterday
we actually had hail and horrific cold blasts.

Cherry blossom is out in the garden, guaranteed to lift the spirits,
regardless of whether they are in need of lifting or not.

A few more kaleidoscope blocks were added to the growing collection
yesterday. A few sets, mix of Kaffe Collective and batiks

then cut and sewn, with a few left over pieces just
to mix things up a bit.

So, progress is being made but I need to ramp things up a bit
with this project, in fact I need to ramp up on a lot of projects! 

Today I'm getting on with a few improvements - hopefully - to my working
set up in the studio. I have a large board to cover after I post 
which gives me a larger area
for ironing, this will sit on new cubes which we bought yesterday, 
they're 40cm square, four of them and stacked two together
gives me a good height for my padded new board.

The sturdy fabric boxes which fit inside give me a heck of a lot
of scope for fabric reorganisation.

That's me for Friday, have a good quilting weekend!



Janie said...

Super fabric choices! That's going to be a knock out quilt.

Sally Trude said...

Cherry blossoms! Awesome. And I had forgotten about the kaleidoscopes...so good to see them again. I am thinking I need a good sewing room reorganization too.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Love the kaleidoscopes! Would love to make some. Colors are just gorgeous!

Leeanne said...

It sure has been a cold snap! Sounds like a fun time sorting your sewing space.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Beautiful blocks! I especially like the blue and purple ones!

Nancy J said...

Wow, your blocks are fantastic, wonderful fabrics together, and a higher area to iron on, wonderful. Cold down here, some wind, and a good day to be inside.

gayle said...

Beautiful kaleidoscopes!!! Now you've got me wanting to make some, but as it's 11:30pm, I do believe I'll have to wait till morning... 8)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Such a welcome splash of Kaffe colour to brighten up my afternoon!

Debbie said...

Fabulous blocks...again, your color and fabric selections are superb! Looking forward to see your sewing room re-set,

Louise said...

Reading about your new, larger ironing area makes me want that for myself! I use a tiny folding tabletop ironing board and it really is too small. You've inspired me to think about how I can change that. Thanks!

Julierose said...

Beautiful blocks, Maureen. i am finally set up to quilt Greg's quilt--resting hand today in preparation for starting tomorrow...very hot and humid here...86 degrees (F) and dewpoint is 75--so feels like about 100 degrees...yuck!! Like pea soup out there....
Hope you are doing ok...new board sounds super!! I need a bigger space LOL hugs, Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

Happy nesting in the newly enhanced studio -- lovely colors today!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Isn't it a treat to see spring arrive. You've been having fun with those blocks!! Your larger ironing board sounds great. Have you used batting to pad it?

Ann said...

These are scrumptious kaleidoscope colors! I can't wait to see your quilt. Good luck with your sewing room improvements.

Kaja said...

Beautiful colour combinations - this will be gorgeous. Your enhanced studio sounds super.

Christine Feldstein said...

Love love love those blocks and your choices of fabrics! Wish you a beautiful week-end!