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Saturday, January 21, 2017

More Strips and a Sunrise

Let's start with the strips.
I have a birthday gift to make for the end of February and thought
that for once it would be good to get in early!

Strips out of the clean up cuts bin, but I did cut them down
into various widths 1 and 1/2" through to 3".

Some of these strips were too short for the project,
I just joined two together of similar colour.

I'm making a pillow with two of the Anna Maria Horner
feathers.  I still have
the side pieces to sew on tomorrow, and one more
to get together.

I had to starch the strips within an inch of their lives to try and make
sure they held their shape, they do need trimming up a little.
Also I've gone for slightly more subdued colours, had they been for myself
I might have gone quite wild with very bright fabrics, but not everyone
likes "in your face" fabrics!

You all know I love my sunrises and sunsets, here was sunrise
on Thursday morning.

Sadly we still have the overhead telephone and power lines in little old Howick, at
least on this street.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be linking up with Cynthia at Oh Scrap!

RSC 2017 have purple as the colour of the month but I have three
from last year so I'll wait for next month's colour.

Enjoy your weekend.



Leeanne said...

Love those feathers! The purple spine brings the fabrics together. Great sunrise. My in-laws used to live in Howick.

Kaja said...

Whether you choose 'in your face'or more muted tones, you always get your colours spot on. What a fantastic sunrise!

Sally Trude said...

The black and white elephant stripe in your feather is delightful! But then so is your pile of strips that I want to dive into.

Debbie said...

Great feather and do love your fabric choices. Another trick for using up so strings

Julierose said...

Your feather is SO gorgeous--just love it--I have begun starching my fabrics before I cut them-- to make them behave-- since my cutting is not all that accurate, I've discovered (now that I can actually see the edge of the rulers!! Am spending my time making four labels right now--I really cannot get over how lovely that feather is...beautiful work, Maureen hugs, Julierose

Barb Neiwert said...

Such a fun and gorgeous project to come up with simply out of scraps! See? No reason to throw fabric away!!!

Monica said...

What a gorgeous sunrise! That was a great start to the day. :D

Love your feather, too. I have been trying to avoid starting this pattern, so you are not going to make it easy for me, Maureen!

Julie said...

Did your power lines survive last nights storm?

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Lovely! It certainly pays to hang onto all our scraps!

Pip said...

Glorious sunrise photo and even though the telephone and power lines are annoying to still have around, I like the interesting shapes they add to the sunrise, especially if you cropped the streetscape out of the photo and just left the roof of the house on the right in it. Making feathers is a great way to use up left over strips although all the bias edges can be a PITA as you have found out.

gayle said...

Such gorgeous scraps to play with!
I've been eyeing that feather pattern for a while now. Maybe if I just make one and put it on a bag, it will forestall me from starting another huge project. Maybe...

Ann said...

Love the elephants trunk to tail. So cute in the midst of all the flowers. What a lovely gift this will be.

Louise said...

Wow, your scraps strips are so lovely! I see lots of Kaffe in there :) I do the same thing with short strips, sew them up with a similar color. I keep a box next to my machine of short strips to extend like that, and use them as leaders and enders.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Can you imagine the bird that would have stunning feathers like that! Great job with those fabrics. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

Frances Meredith said...

Love your feather. I have made a few, they are a great sized project.

Clare M said...

Hi Maureen, lovely to visit your blog. Your feather is quite delicious and I love your fabrics. The colours are great.

Kate said...

The feather looks great. I love your strip pulls, very bright and very fun!

Everyone Bepic said...

Absolutely adore! the feathers. do you have a pattern or tutorial?