Thursday, January 26, 2017

Which way??

I posted one of my two feathers a few days ago, both are
sewn up and on to the setting now.

So, there are three ways

Number one

Number two

Number three

I like number three best, it will be a smidgen smaller when I stitch the
centre seam and they need  trimming.
Which of these three settings do you think would
look best for a cushion/pillow? Let me know.

Photos are not the best, number one doesn't show the background

fabric clearly, the sun was coming out and going in,
the last one is nearer the true colour.

My Gypsy Wife is coming along, I'll post an update at
the weekend. I've enjoyed making this quilt so much that
when I saw a post from 

Angie at Gnome Angel
with details of a Sew Along using a pattern by Jen Kingwell -
Long Time Gone -  I thought, yes, that's for me. Sent off for
the pattern booklet and it arrived yesterday.

Now, having seen the size of the pieces I may shall pass on the Sew Along which
is held over 4 months and just proceed at my own pace over the year, maybe longer!
The size of the quilt is 66 and 1/2" x 67 and 1/2" so you can see 
there's a heck of lot to fit in!!
I don't need the pressure of a deadline for this.

Back to quilting my grandson's quilt, not many more blocks left now.


  1. I like number three -- and I would skip the QAL for that quilt, too.

  2. Number three!! I think the qal is gunna be intense, it'd take away some of my enjoyment as it's too full on!

    1. Thanks ES, seems like you don't have your email enables so this is the only way I can reply.

  3. I like the balance of #3. I had not looked closely at the details of that QAL, that wouldn't be for me either.

    1. As with ES you don't seem to have your email enabled, can't reply from my mail inbox but
      thank you for leaving me a comment.

  4. I think either of the horizontal layouts will look better on a sofa or bed. So 2 or 3 for me.
    Lovely Gypsy Wife top. Good for you for choosing your own pace and keeping to it.

  5. #3, I like symmetry. All is well down here, a GP visit confirmed it!!! Will email later this week, hope you are ditto to that state of body and mind as well.

  6. I like #3 too; Whoa that new JK quilt sure has a lot of piecing...and i see a lot of those (dreaded) triangles all over it...but it is lovely for sure--anxious to see how you interpret this one. I just love your Gypsy one to pieces...hugs, Julierose

  7. I'm in favor of #3 as well. Does Leila like feathers? And I'm wondering if you can't pick and choose a bit with the Long Time Gone and arrange the bits as you see fit.

  8. I love your feathers, I did my pillow as in layout 3

  9. I say go with 3.....just as all have said! Whoa the SAL would be a killer designed to destroy me. I think a year may be a good plan.

  10. Looks like #3 is the winner by far! 8)
    Looks like Long Time Gone would be a Long Time Making - I'd say relax and enjoy the journey rather than hurrying through for the SAL.

  11. I'm with you Maureen, I like the 3rd setting as well. 4 months to complete that quilt is a cracking pace, your plan sounds more achieveable!

  12. 'Long Time Gone' looks full of fun and possibilities. I look forward to seeing the progress.
    Your Gypsy Wife' is gorgeous.
    Happy quilting, Maureen.

  13. Definitely #3, the feathers look gorgeous, it will look great when it is finished. There looks as if there are a lot of pieces in that quilt, you definitely don't need a deadline, much more enjoyable to make it at your own pace.

  14. I hadn't realised how full-on the LTG quilt is! 4mths seems quite a tight schedule, best to go at your own pace. Love #3 setting!

  15. I like the 3rd setting. Long Time Gone looks beautiful and it's always fun to join in a sew along. Do you know what colours you'll use.

  16. I like #3 too. Long Time Gone looks like fun. Looking forward to seeing your color palette for that project.

  17. Another vote for #3 from me too. Long Time Gone looks very pretty but lots of work!

  18. I like #3 best too! Still haven't made one of these wonderful feathers. Need to!

  19. It's so nice to visit here and feel your positive energy and view your colourful cloths. xo


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