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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cutting out and Computers

Why do computers cause grief just when we need to edit photos
and write a post!!
I haven't been able to check my reading list properly for
a few days and the darn computer totally closed down on me
earlier this afternoon, hopefully it will keep working until
I've finished this.

 First up I've now sliced up 8 and 1/2" strips for Chinese Coins
and been playing around with added solids

and  many years ago we bought six of these large Chinese Coins below
in one of those ethnic shops, presently used as mats for hot mugs
of tea/coffee, I intend to  incorporate the shape
into the quilt. Possibly raw edge applique or even photo transfer.

More cutting for Kaleidoscope

more spot fabrics for the four corners and plain cream for the
alternate wedges.
I also pulled more strips from my clean up cut bin and started
on those.

It's great fun just feeding these strips through the machine
without thinking of trying to co-ordinate colour or pattern.

I ended up with rather a good plateful - thanks to Julie for a great idea!

 I was looking at the Japanese Maple in the back garden this morning
and noticed the colour was just beginning to turn,

eventually we'll have lots and lots of the little two winged seed capsules
floating all over the place, I thought back to when we were kids in Autumn
 in England,  there would be thousands of these things falling
from the trees, whirling around and around - we just called them aeroplanes,
I guess because of the similarity to propeller blades, just like the eight "blades"
in the kaleidoscope block.

Not what I would call a stimulating post from me but
before my computer packs up on me again I'm off to try and catch up on two days of blog
posts, hope you're having a good week free from computer glitches!


Leeanne said...

Frustrating....those computers at times. That sure is a pretty plateful :-)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Lots happening here, love the colours so far with your 'chinese coins' quilt. When my daughter was making the MO Kaleidoscope quilt I remember thinking that the strips were going the wrong way... but it really makes for an interesting finished effect!

Nancy J said...

looks like your cutter has been very busy, lots of lovely fabrics there. Photo transfer, a great way to bring the coins into your new blocks.I have a small Maple in a pot, and its leaves are all turned to golden orange already.

Linda Swanekamp said...

How wide are the strips you sew for the kaleidoscope triangles? They are just gorgeous. Love the polka dots. I have to get started on one. I bought the ruler, no excuses now. Hope your computer cooperates.

Debbie said...

A large variety of projects. Do love your pieced triangles, the fabrics look wonderful together. I feel for you and the computer problems....only wish I had some fairy dust to sprinkle over us and make things right again:)

Julierose said...

Love how your little triangles are shaping up--another beautiful project in process. We are having warmer than usual weather for February--waiting for the next BIG storm
and actually hoping it'll be rain here...hugs, Julierose

Raewyn said...

You are keeping busy Maureen, plenty on the go, you must be feeling heaps better? I've just been noticing how the season is just starting to change too...lovely! We did the same thing with Sycamore tree seeds, I used to love those!

Alison Crosthwaite said...

Hi Maureen, lovely to catch up on your posts and see your gorgeous work. Also its' good to think about hot days......snow in the north of this country today!! Sorry I haven't blogged for ages - I must get my act together! I do Facebook and Instagram - and seem to forget about blogging! I'm still obsessed with all things colour and fibre, and selling scarves and coats like there-'s no tomorrow! I'm also shortly bringing out an e-book, v. excited about that
. No more space to write I think....hope you are keeping well. Take care, Alison x

Mary in Peoria Handmade said...

What a wonderful post. I'm curious to see your Chinese coin quilt when it's done and love the Chinese coin idea. I hope your computer is cooperating. I take mine for granted till I don't (heehee). I really like your strip triangles. I need to try that again. It's been a long time since I made those and they are so fun.

Ann said...

Adding Chinese coin shapes to your Coin quilt is a fantastic idea. And your fabrics are gorgeous, as always. I'm looking forward to seeing more soon. Love the strip piecied triangles, too.
My computer acted up last year; what a pain. I hope yours is repaired soon.

Emma said...

You're working with some delicious colors & I love those coins - haven't seen them so large before. Those Acer seeds are called Sumara I think, i've used them in my work & that's what i called the pieces - we called them helicopters as kids ;)

Sally Trude said...

You're quite the tease showing us just a bit of ankle for your new projects. The triangles of spots is especially tantalizing.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Your scrappy triangles are marvelous - and yes, it is THE MOST fun to turn those leftover bits into something wonderfully useful.

Kaja said...

There are few things more annoying than technology that lets you down, so I hope your computer is behaving better now. I love those big coins and now I'm intrigued to see where you take your ideas.

gayle said...

You have lots of pretty colors here, as always, and even your trees are now on board with it! Hoping your computer problems sort themselves out!

Mystic Quilter said...

Hi Mary, thanks so much for leaving a comment here. You are coming up as a "noreply-comment" blogger so I'm unable to make contact direct. You don't seem to have your email enabled so that prevents a reply through gmail.