Friday, February 10, 2017

Gypsy Wife

Slowly working on Section 9 presently.
I had to change out two of the strips which follow down the
length of the quilt, just breaking for blocks here and there.

The strips on the RH side above were the originals but I wasn't
happy with how they looked, I kept the two narrow middle strips
but added different fabrics either side along

with another strip element and a bordered
pinwheel block directly below.
It's really important to keep in mind which fabrics are
going to hit each other, something you think will work well
doesn't when you actually get the pieces on the wall.

You can see some of the top part of the quilt below,
I don't stitch the individual elements together until I have everything
for that particular section up on the wall, so you'll be seeing threads and
pieces which need trimming.

Taking me away from the machine were two new books

as different as chalk and cheese, as you can
see from the covers,  but both beautifully presented.
I'm setting aside some time to sit and read through the
Judy Newman book, or a good part of it, this weekend.



  1. Tula and Angela, bright and breezy, and then Judy Newman, soft and delicate.Lovely fabrics in all those blocks, Hope you are keeping better every day.

  2. You are making good progress. The Tula and Angela book appeals...........

  3. The GW is a colorful delight! You have carried on and planned well. This section looks great. enjoy the reads!

  4. I was wondering how this quilt was coming. It is beautiful, but, oh, I can't imagine figuring it out.

  5. Your quilt is swirling along so well--the colors just dance so well together...hugs, Julierose

  6. It's looking so good, Maureen! So much color and movement. Have fun with your book this weekend :)

  7. There is SO much work involved in the Gypsy Wife quilt -- your version is stunning! Enjoy the new books.

  8. You've got good contrast in your Gypsy Wife, pleasing and rich.
    I agree, have fun with your new books. I've been eyeing Tula and Angela's book.

  9. Loving your quilt so far. I've seen the Tula book, hoping the library gets the Judy Newman book. Happy weekending to you.

  10. I, too, was wondering how Gypsy Wife was progressing. It's always interesting to see quilts in progress. Looks like you have a fun weekend of reading ahead.

  11. Those books really do look distracting!
    I love your Gypsy Wife. Such beautiful colors!

  12. Your GW is very colouful & rich looking! Love to hear you thoughts on both books, enjoy!

  13. Love your bright and colorful Gypsy Wife! Enjoy your weekend. Not much better than sitting down with new new quilting books.

  14. So beautiful. And I could see a whole quilt made with that sharp-pointed star in the top row.

  15. It is beautiful but now that you point it out, I can see how difficult getting everything balanced might be. I hope you've found plenty of reading time this weekend.


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