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Friday, February 9, 2018

All things Kaffe - very wordy!

I'm overdue with my thoughts on the lecture by Kaffe Fassett late January,
it goes without saying that as a KF Collective fabric fan
I enjoyed myself immensely.

I'm guessingt there's going to be quite a lot of his
fans out there who have read his autobiography
Dreaming in Colour
and therefore will know of his background.
He covered this briefly during his lecture.

First up on the stage was Brandon Mably - what a character he is!
He told us a little about Kaffe, also that he would be
speaking for around one hour, then 30 minutes taking question followed by
book signing in the foyer.

On to Kaffe, what a wonderfully entertaining speaker!
Plenty of laughs and stories added to his thoughts on colour,
his early days painting, knitting and then on to patchwork.
He seemed to have energy to burn and it was difficult to believe
that he is now 80 years old.

A few points of interest:

When he began designing his own fabrics he had many comments
that quilters found his designs to large and was constantly
asked what should they do with them, just cut them up was his response.

On colour - saturated is what he does - he does not do beige!!!
That was made pretty clear to us all.

He doesn't intend for quilters to slavishly follow to the letter
his quilt designs and colours used - make it your own, 
change a few things, that's OK.

When making your quilts don't get too analytical,
get the pieces up on the design wall asap, go from there. He feels it
is very easy to over analyse the colour and design and not to go with the flow.
He made the point that in his workshops this is the approach
he takes, and he stressed that he and Brandon worked the
students hard!!

He showed slides of a few of his fabrics, his sources of inspiration,
and a few from his photo shoot in Ireland for his latest book,
very interesting indeed.

He actually spoke for around 90 minutes and the time passed
by in a flash, pity the seats were a little on the hard side!
If you find you have the chance to hear him speak, do take it!

On Tuesday I began cutting diamonds for his Green Diamond quilt and I
was improvising as I didn't have a sturdy acrylic 60 degree diamond template,
the above was as far I went. There was a lot of starching, folding, matching etc. which
didn't do a heck of a lot for my worn out spine.
There are 475 diamonds plus triangles!
Next step was a 'phone call to a local shop to get myself an Accuquilt
die - waiting for delivery right now.

That evening sitting watching a TV programme, I suddenly felt my
left arm become tremendously heavy and fall onto the chair arm,
immediate thought was a stroke, but then the other one gave up on me and
I found myself yelling to my husband that I could no longer feel
nor move my arms, they were just paralysed.
To say I was frightened is a huge understatement but after a minute or two
they came right. The problem is in my neck, so after a thorough check with
the Doctor an urgent referral was emailed to the hospital and id if this
happens again it's an ambulance call and a ride to emergency - please keep fingers and
toes crossed that this is not going to be a serious issue for me.

Having been told to take things easy all I have been able to work on
are hexagons

and that's it from me as my hands are packing up so
reading blog posts will have to wait until tomorrow morning.


Kaja said...

That sounds terrifying! I'm glad you regained sensation in your arms and will keep my fingers firmly crossed that it was a one-off. Your thoughts on the Kaffe interview make me want to hear him talk!

Linda said...

Do take care of yourself-that must have been a very frightening experience for you. Crossing my fingers for you! So pleased you enjoyed the Kaffe and Brandon lecture. Aren't they a great couple of guys? I have been fortunate to see Kaffe a few times and never tir of his stories. Haven't heard Brandon speak though. I had a special birthdays last May and my BF Barbara bought me the Dreaming in Colour book. I read it slowly and savoured every word. What an exciting left he's had, met so many interesting people. Love your Kaffe fabrics.

Linda said...

Sorry for all the typos. Just arrived in Singapore so not making much sense! NZ on Monday!

Debbie said...

So glad you got to the lecture and learned some of his secrets:)
Oh, no...for the arms! I doubt scary is the right word for the feelings, but close as I can come. I do understand the lost of sensation--not the paralyzing effect, so awful--- but so glad it returned to you. I do hope the doctors can sort it out to know what is happening. Sending prayers for you.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Maureen, how scary. Thanks for the Kaffe words. Had my own health crisis and there is no fabric in the ICU to play with. Praying for your recovery.

Louise said...

Oh, Maureen, what a fright that must have been! I'm so sorry that you're having issues with your spine and arms. You're in my thoughts that this paralyzing doesn't ever happen again.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the lecture so much! He certainly is an interesting man with true artistic vision!

Barb Neiwert said...

Oh, dear - very frightening indeed! Sounds like you may have cut out too many diamonds! Your insights to Kaffe's lecture were appreciated - thank you!

Nancy J said...

how scary. Many times we were told , before and again after his spinal surgery.., if Hugh lost bladder and bowel control, this was an absolute immediate emergency. There was a certain name for it?? Kaffee, what a dream to be there. Yes, get the die, it will make that cutting a lot.. a huge lot easier. Hope your hands and arms are improving.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Thanks for the review on the Kaffe lecture. My daughter had about the same response when she went to one in the US in October.
How scary about your arms. I hope it never happens again.

O'Quilts said...

All of us who care for you are nervous about the arms...please get yourself the electric version of of the cutter I have the manual one and it is hard sometimes
Thrilled with the lecture.lucky you xoxo

Clare M said...

Really enjoyed your thoughts on the KF lecture and so glad you enjoyed it. What an awful experience you have had with your arms. You are in my prayers.
Good idea to get the die... I love my Accu Quilt cutter. Hugs.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Glad you enjoyed the Kaffe lecture, I love how he works quickly & goes with the flow. Your Kaffe diamonds & hexis are looking colourful, two different projects - yes? Thinking of you.

Ali Honey said...

Interesting post, till it got a bit scary. I do hope you are OK. Get Well soon.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Wishing you the very best in terms of your health issues because they sound quite scary. I have had the pleasure of attending a Kaffe lecture and found it very interesting. One of his first quilting books opened my eyes to a new style of quilting and that was before he even started designing fabrics.

Leeanne said...

Oh Maureen! What a VERY scary ordeal for you........my fingers are crossed that this was a one off 'freak' incident. The Kaffe lecture does sound so interesting, numb bottoms or not! Take care, hugs from the rainy north xx

Ann said...

How frightening, Maureen. I hope PT and rest help you improve soon. How fortunate you were to hear his lecture.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Having been paralyzed on one side for a week or so, it is entirely and totally terrifying. I was told the same thing about bowel/bladder control after a back issue being an immediate 911 call. You are in my prayers!!! (and I am SO glad you stopped and ordered the die for your die cutter)

Cathy said...

Oh my goodness! My fingers are crossed for you - hoping it's not a repeat occurrence. I had similar problem several years ago - woke up with pins and needles feeling in extremities and no gross motor skills. It was Guillaine Barre which I had never heard of until then. Take care of yourself!

Janie said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with your arms, Maureen!
You were working so hard too! I hope you recover quick.
Thanks for sharing about the Kaffe lecture, his lectures are always

Julie said...

That must have been scary for you, fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.
I would loved to have attended the Kaffe lecture, thanks for sharing some of it with us.

Robby H. said...

Oh my! Sending you all good thoughts for your health, how alarming.

Secondarily, thanks for the story about Kaffe's lecture. Hope you'll get to put some of it to use.

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Very scary Maureen! It is a good thing you ordered a die. I love my AccuQuilt and my body loves it too!

Your fabrics are lovely. Thanks for sharing your experience with Kaffe and Brandon.

Monica said...

OMG, Maureen, talk about highs and lows! I have just been cancelling plans for an outing due to my back, so I am reading your experience as confirmation that I made the right decision. Do take care!

I thought of you when I read yesterday that Westminster/Free Spirit was shutting down their fabric business. It's a blow, isn't it?

Pip said...

Happy to hear that you came right Maureen, very scary for you though, and a good idea to order another die, I think any equipment that makes it easier on our bodies is a must have. Love your diamonds (and hexies) so far, Kaffe and Brandon are in Adelaide next week, I'm still tossing up whether to go or not.