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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thoughts on Thursday and Green Diamonds

 May 6th was my last post!

I have been trying to get around to writing before this but the last
month has been a round of medical appointments and quilting seemed
to be left behind unfortunately, also reading your blog posts was on hold I'm afraid.
Back to catching up tomorrow.

I have been filling and sorting out my
fabric baskets as time and energy allowed, I have full yards and
half yards tucked away in these and I can now see which colours I have aplenty
and which are somewhat lacking. Yellow/orange/brown below.

My larger pieces are stored in a good sized cupboard. and quarters
in sliding drawers.

I keep all my Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics separate from other ranges,
I also give the Spot and Aboriginal Dot ranges their own basket,
also the multi Zigzags and Diamond Stripes and similar types.

Let's get on to the Green Diamond quilt, I think it should be known as
the Green Diamond Disaster!
You've seen it in progress here on the blog, small diamonds which of course meant 
bias edges were involved. I cut on my Accuquilt, I starched, I pinned and still
have ended up with a slightly wonky quilt top!!! The occasional missed
match up of points doesn't worry me too much but the stretchiness does,
here's a quick photo on the wall before I decided to bury it in a drawer

for the foreseeable future.

I was given a quilt a few weeks ago,  made by me 18 months ago for a dear friend 
when she was nearing the last few months of her life.
Her husband came around for a lunch with us a few weeks ago and towards the end of his
visit said that he and the family felt they would like to return the quilt to me
in memory of Dianne.

Greatly treasured and I couldn't help the tears.

On a happier note husband and I celebrated 53 years of marriage last week
and I was given a beautiful cheery bouquet of sunflowers

such a glorious colour.

That's all from me right now and will close with a photo of a
beautiful sunset a few days ago

just look at those colours.

Oh, forgot to say husband and I had our first Covid 19 vaccine last week, Yay!!



Linda Smith said...

Congratulations on the vaccines! What a relief.
It is understandable that you are frustrated with the lack of flatness of your diamonds, but it really is beautiful. You have such a wonderful way with colors and textures. After a little time out, I'm sure your flimsy can learn to behave. Quilted and washed, most will never know.

MissPat said...

So happy to hear that you've both had your first shots, which should bring some piece of mind despite your ongoing medical issues. Ones less thing to worry about. Even though I like the look of a diamond quilt, the bias thing has made me avoid making one. And how thoughtful of your friend's husband for returning that lovely quilt to you. It's beautiful.

Quiltdivajulie said...

HOORAY for the vaccine! And CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary. I have to say that the returned quilt is beautiful and its meaning is priceless. How very special that the circle of giving has returned to you. The green diamonds - you are braver than I since I would run screaming from that many bias diamonds unless they were batik (stiff and less prone to stretching) - even then I'd opt for a different design. Perhaps if you send it off to your quilter with full disclosure, they can stabilize it with an underlayer and keep it from living in the drawer of shame. Spectacular sunset - I always enjoy your outdoor photos.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Happy Anniversary Maureen! 53 years is amazing. Wishing you many more years and good health too.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I think your longarm person can get the green diamond top to lay flat and not be wonky.

Louise said...

Happy Anniversary! I think Covid vaccines are the very best anniversary gift, don't you? I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Dianne. Your quilt gave her comfort and reminded her of your friendship and now it is back with you to carry those memories for you.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love all the colours in your diamond quilt. I'm sure Leeanne could work her magic on it, she's made a couple of my quilts behave! And so lovely to receive Dianne's quilt back, very special.

Nikki said...

I don't think I will ever forget the feeling of ???? joy, euphoria, happiness, relief, so many emotions, when I received my vaccine. Happy you got yours!

gayle said...

Congrats on the anniversary and the vaccine! (And the sunflowers, which always bring smiles!)
Those green diamonds will benefit from their time-out and return in a more co-operative frame of mind...

audrey said...

53 years of marriage! Good for you!! Lovely to play with a little bit of fabric and dream too.:)

cspoonquilt said...

The green diamonds is wonderful. It's so lively you'd never notice the wonky with all that movement! The quilt for you friend is so pretty I so sorry for you for the loss of your friend. take care, cw

Sue said...

Lucky you on the vaccines Maureen. We have no idea when we will get ours. I love all the quilts you make. I was worried about how much stash I have, but I think you beat me hands down! haha! Congratulations on 53 years of marriage. :)

Ann said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and your Covid shot. Hooray for you all!
Sorting fabric helps us figure out what we have while also showing new ideas. Nothing like petting fabric and rearranging it to spark inspiration.
Your quilts are always lovely. What a kindness to make a beautiful quilt for your friend and now to have it back. It will be a reminder of her as it reminded her or you and your affection.
Best wishes for improved health.

Kaja said...

I'm a bit behind, but belated congratulations on your anniversary and your covid shot. I've had both mine now, but not much as changed! Sorting fabrics is a creative endeavour all by itself - getting to know your stash and seeing it with new eyes.