Waiting In The Wings

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Not a very exciting post!!!

 Almost four weeks since my last post and I'm afraid my quilting has been pretty much non-existent.
It's been a difficult few weeks, in fact a difficult and stressful year so far and I could even say two years, but things can only improve if a positive approach is taken, at least I do hope so.

My achievements since my last post have been: dealing with scraps

this box is 16" square and I have two of them, after removing larger pieces that I didn't want to dispose of
I ended with five bags each holding approximately 4lbs of scraps!!!

It gave me a real feeling of relief to see those empty and really good to iron these pieces to be kept and discover treasures long forgotten - a small helping below.

I have six drawers more of scraps still to be dealt to, these are each around 16" x 14" and are pretty well packed.

New stacking system was bought with fabrics still in the process of being colour sorted, these are holding 1/2 yards in one set and 1/4 yards in the other.

I'm trying to finish up writing this before heading for a visit to the dentist - my worst nightmare!!!
Two root canal fillings this morning and at 11.00am I shall be swallowing a cocktail of drugs.
Amoxicillin 2grams are needed because of my faulty aortic valve to protect my heart, and a Lorazepam (Ativan) tablet because I have a real fear of dental treatment, I only need to sit in the chair before I'm all ready to leap out again! A lot of this is really because of the fact that I have PTSD resulting from major surgery many years ago during which I came around during the operation, details of the experience I will not repeat here, suffice to say it was horrific. Any procedure at all has memories resurfacing.

I suspect when I return home I shall be just ready to reach this little beauty down and have a cup of tea

and be feeling like the withed orchid below

I shall enjoy a cuddle with this little beauty below

and if the roses were still blooming I would be enjoying the perfume of this glorious one
I think this one is Sharif Asma one bred by David Austin.

So, there we have it, hopefully in a few days I will have something to show you, although I am going to be hampered somewhat with the amount of time spent quilting as I now have only70% use in my left hand due to the damage from the broken wrist bones and my right shoulder is limited in movement, particular so if I try to rise my arm out to the side - not possible really and nothing more to be done as the torn tendon/muscle is not attached to the bone, I shall manage with limitations as do many people. Short spells of time with my sewing.

I'll finish up now as my tranquiliser is working rather quicker than I had thought and John would't want to come in my sewing room in 30 mins and find me totally out of it slumped over my keyboard!!

Keep well all of you and stay safe and I really do hope to be back in a few days.



Julierose said...

Best of luck with your appointment--good idea to be sorting fabrics when you are unable to sew much. that is what I have been doing also.
Sending good thought your way hugs, Julierose

loulee said...

Hope all goes well with the dentist.
Sorting and playing with fabrics is a good distraction from the not so nice side of life.

Nancy J said...

Hoping you are home by now and all went well, Those sedatives are so good when they work well, with my angiograms, I barely surfaced when they moved me off the theatre bed back to my own. Love the scrap sorting.I can see a lot of KF lurking there.

Ann said...

Best wishes for your dental visit. Aren't we fortunate such good drugs are available. I saw an antique display at a small museum that gave me the shivers.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Scrap therapy, especially over a period of time, is so good for the spirit … hang in there and know we are all sending good thoughts your way.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

It must feel so satifying to have sorted those scrap pieces. And, the fabric will all be there ready for when you can sew! Thinking of you.

Cathy said...

Oh my goodness! Now that is a pile of scraps! And the tea pot made me smile as did the David Austin Rose.

And you, my dear, need some good thoughts, best wishes, positive vibes and good cheer sent your way so I am.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I hope the dental appointment wasn't too bad. Certainly not something to look forward to doing.
It's a good thing you got the electric die cutter. Hopefully that can get you back to something fun soon.

Robin said...

I hope everything went well for you at the dentist and you are feeling much better. Health problems as we age are unfair IMO. Your scrap storage is coming along really well.

O'Quilts said...

any post from you is exciting!!! Until my sixties, I held a stuffed animal at the dentist!! I am exhausted from the last few years...as you are....Out of nowhere comes new surprises daily, some not so good. But, we carry on xoxo

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Oh my you are being challenged that's for sure. I also hope you are home by now and recovering nicely. I just read your last post and so enjoyed the beauty of all those colourful fabrics you work with. Do take care now!