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Friday, August 16, 2013

Early Spring cleaning day

Sewn together half of the blocks in the quilt for my daughter, she asked me why I didn't have a go at quilting it myself, thought about it for a few days and decided to do that. I haven't attempted such a big quilt before, this will be around 80" by 100" so I will do quilt as you go by splitting the blocks in the quilt into two halves, quilting each half and put them together then add on the two narrow  borders and one wider border I can then easily go around and quilt those. That's the theory anyway so watch this space. 

The three fabrics I had ordered arrived two days ago from a range called "Savanna Safari" they looked to be quite a bright buttery yellow on the store site but  are a bit more subdued than I had thought and now I am trying to pull two or three fabrics to add a bit more colour. Not sure about these. I love the blue rings from Brandon Mably, it picks up on the green, tan and the soft purple in the fabric and the blue background gives it a lift but I think the Kaffe stripe could be a bit dull, the green with small dots is just OK - I'll leave them on the table and go back tomorrow, see what I think then.

It's raining with a vengeance here at the moment so guess the blossom on the cherry tree will be all over the grass by morning. It was looking lovely. There is a young vireya bush in the side border of the garden with absolutely huge buds, first time of flowering and for the past few days I have rushed out to see if they have opened, but nothing yet so hope like crazy that they haven't been damaged by the very heavy rain.

I took the photograph yesterday along with one of my waterlily camellia, I have one pink and this one

As the weather is atrocious it's an added incentive to go and shut myself in my room and get busy on the machine!

Have a happy weekend


Ann Brooks said...

I hesitate to pick someone else's colors but looking at your daughter's quilt... the white sets all the other colors off so beautifully. Your yellows turned out to be very light. What if you added some whites with it? It will either make the yellows more yellow or just fade them out more. If it works, the blues & purples are your darks, greens & yellows are medium and white is the light.

Maureen said...

Ann thanks for your comment - unfortunately the light wasn't good when I took this, so the centre of the panel is lighter and the surrounding areas have a dark cast to them. The yellow fabrics are actually quite nice and clear and there is only the sashing which is light and has a slight yellowy cast to it but it actually looks good with all the other fabrics. I think the colours showed more true in my earlier posts, I will go back and have a look see, but the overall look of the quilt wasn't meant to be strictly split into into dark,medium and lights, more of a sort of "blended mix-up" really, which is just what Sally wanted so I have gone with that for her. I don't think my photography did justice to the fabrics yesterday

Ann Brooks said...

They are all lovely fabrics (especially the blue rings!) and will look great blended. I know what you mean about photos. Mine vary so much by time of day. I need to take some photography classes and learn more.

Maureen said...

Ann I think we have been at cross purpose! I see now that you were referring to the new fabrics Savanna Safari whilst I believed it was the other piece!! Now I have things straight, I do know what you mean and will doing more work with fabrics tomorrow.