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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sunny sewing day

It's an absolutely glorious day here in Auckland, warm and sunny and an ideal day for getting busy in the garden. Also a great day for quilting, I have a machine on a table under the window and look out onto the camellia hedge it's a lovely spot to sit and sew.

I have 52 of the quarter log cabin blocks complete and another 28 to go! My display wall is just not large enough and I won't be able to fit the full quilt with sashing and borders on it, that will need to be photographed outside. As my sewing room is quite small I can't really stand far enough away to take a good shot, these blocks will all need trimming and re-arranging before sewing together but leaving them on the wall is an incentive for me to hurry up and finish the remaining blocks. I would like to do that this afternoon but I have two of our grandchildren coming after school and another little one is coming here while his Mum and Dad and baby brother go along to a funeral, not good for sewing. 

I had a walk around in the back garden earlier and took my camera with me, I see that one of my plants is flowering, can't remember what this one is but probably a member of the bromeliad family, if anyone recognises this please tell me the name

One of my favourite roses is still flowering

This one is Crepuscle a climber and one of my favourites, the blooms just glow when the sun hits 

We had a ride along the waterfront in the city on Sunday after visiting with family, we came home just before sunset and the shot below is looking back towards Auckland

Looking out over the Pacific, the island in the distance is Little Barrier.

Maybe I can just squeeze in a half hour of quilting time before the grandchildren arrive, I'll give it a try.
Have a good weekend

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