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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One down and one to go!

As my post title says one down and one to go, referring to the two medical appointments for this week.
Saw the orthopaedic guy this morning and the issue is with the cartilage in my left knee - short story an arthroscopy is recommended to sort out the probable tear, trim away any raw edges and so on. Just a small surgical procedure he tells me in the day stay ward and I will walk out at the end of the day - not very far but I will walk!! All sounds so simple but with my complex medical issues it is far from simple, however I will now wait for further information re pre-op assessments and in the meantime I've been managing to stand for 20 minutes at a time to cut fabrics for the Fractured QAL mentioned in a previous post. 

With some of these fabrics I intend to use the reverse side, some playing around needs to be done over the next few days plus I have only cut the fabrics in the top photo, yet to attack the ones on the right hand side. Later in  the week it will be a case of hunting out suitable darks and cutting the strips and the start of next week matching lights  and darks together all ready for the start date of September 6th.  So looking forward to this project!                

The new Rowan book "Grandeur"  was due for release some time in September but I was having a look at the Glorious Color  site and they already had the book in early and autographed by Kaffe Fassett so this should be on its way to me within a few days, along with a fabric top up. My favourite fabric of all time I think is Brassica by Philip Jacobs and I ordered a little more of the gray and the green, I now see that there are two quilts in Grandeur using both those colorways - really nice!

Filling time in whilst waiting for my appointment this morning I took my favourite English magazine with me -  "Country Living"-  and they featured the most gorgeous old stone cottage set on the cliffs of the Lizard peninsula down in Cornwall, this is used as a bolt-hole by a young couple to spend their weekends, it had been faithfully restored using original flag stones for flooring and lots of other features and they had hunted down old pieces of furniture at second hand shops in the area, it looked so relaxing. Very basic, no mains facilities, they used candles for light and took their water with them and gas canisters for the stove. Just the sort of place I would love to hibernate in for a few days and quilt with no distractions although I could lose the water and gas carrying set up and I would need power for the sewing machine and iron!! This set me thinking and I remembered an old wooden cottage which had been for sale some time ago just about 10 minutes walk from our place, down the cliffs and right on the beach front, it was really run down but I thought at the time what a great place for a hideaway for a painter or quilter or any artist for that matter and John had taken photographs for me.

Here it is - and what a view to get the creative juices flowing. I can but dream!!

Ah well, back to reality and the laundry waiting to be dealt with, then more cutting fabrics. I also had a new die arrive yesterday - three sizes of strip on one die 1", 1 1/2" and 2" so I would like to have a play around with that.

Enjoy your week



Exuberant Color said...

I hope your knee surgery will correct the problem without too many side effects.

I haven't pulled all of my fabric yet for the Fractured quilt along. We're in for a hot week so maybe I'll do that now.

Jodi said...

What a lovely little cottage, or it COULD be with some TLC. Maybe you and your hubs should try and contact the owner of it and make them an offer! :-) I just today stumbled across your blog - I think from Linda of Kokka quilts - and I'm glad I did! I'm having fun looking around. I have never had the guts to use fabric on the "wrong" side. Curious to see what you do with that. I hope your medical issues are not being too much of an obstacle and you are improving!