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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Midnight At The Oasis

I'm another one who is making slow progress for this posting, my lateness is due to the fact that I decided to make a change with the fabric I was using for the second border (should be applique but it's not) and decided I would rather like a darker background fabric this time. Duly began and after six blocks were up on the wall I decided it was just too dark

both blocks are the correct size but I virtually just threw them on the wall so one of them looks as if it is larger at one side than the other.
I do love the black fabric with lilac polka dot but not quite so much of it all at once, so I reverted back to my original colour which is the background of the centre block but having done that it put me back a little having to start cutting the fabric all over again. Also I have just bought two more sets of basket stacks for my fabric so precious time has been spent arranging things there.

Only five of these blocks are sewn together the remainder just positioned on the wall,  please excuse the thread covered bits and gap in the design wall just waiting on the fabric from Glorious Colour to re-cover the panels. I'm pleased I decided to revert to my original choice of colour here, and next posting in two weeks I should have finished this round and also the next one, Churn Dash - which is tiny just 3", that will be fun!!

Time to link up with Sharon and Jess and shoot over there to see what everyone else is doing - please go along and have a peek, you can also just click on the button on my side bar to learn more about MATO

Enjoy the coming week and happy quilting!


Julierose said...

I like your original background color best, also. this is really coming along so well--small churn dashes--yikes! I just finished up teeny hst's and have had my fill of them for a while...have a wonderful Sunday..hugs, Julierose

imquilternity said...

It's wonderful Maureen! I love the blocks you've substituted for the applique borders. They are absolutely perfect! And, your colors are so interesting too... it's really gorgeous and it's going to be a masterpiece when finished.

Barb in Mi said...

Yes, I agree: love your substitutions! Your MATO looks fabulous!