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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ready for quilting!

At last I am just about ready to send off the Bento Box style quilt (started quite some time ago ) off down to  Linda for her to work her magic with the quilting!  Just onto the last border now and then  I will courier this down to her tomorrow morning. It's a big quilt (104" x 84") to manoeuvre around in my small sewing area -  here it is all scrunched up on my cutting table for pinning and then scrunched up again for sewing! Ironing is another issue


I have also been busy working on the next round for the QAL for Midnight At The Oasis and there will be post from me again on Friday, so come visit, and a link up with Sharon and Jess. These quilt alongs are great fun - I would love to take part in more of them, great fun getting to "meet" everyone 
taking part. I have found more super blogs amongst the ladies joining in  which I now have on my blog list, so more time spent reading posts every day!

The next border will be made up of the blocks above (excuse the shadows on these pics)  click the  button on the right hand side bar to see who is taking part and how they are working  with the pattern.
Thank goodness for my Accuquilt it has been great for cutting my strips and triangles!

Apart from being busy with quilting I have been enjoying wandering around the garden, I love doing this early in the morning, it's very peaceful and a great way to start the day and gather my thoughts!
I have a few new roses and dahlias in the garden

The rose is another David Austin named after his wife Pat Austin, it's an absolutely amazing colour and she lives now amongst purple and copper day lilies and just glows in the sunlight.
The dahlia is settled amongst the pink roses along side my established dahlias and day lilies. Some time ago  I also took  cuttings of a purple penstemon and plonked them in the ground, they have taken beautifully so there should be some lovely colour going on in those particular garden beds. I just love purple and golden copper or apricot/peachy colours in the garden, and you can  see that I have used those colours in my Midnight At The Oasis quilt! 

Time for a morning cup of tea and then back to finishing the last border on the quilt - I am so looking forward to seeing what Linda will do with this and will post when I get it back again!
Don't forget to stop by Friday (Saturday am New Zealand time) for the latest episode of Quilting At The Oasis!

Have a good week


Ali Honey said...

Your finished quilt looks good - great colours.
Does Pat Austin have a lovely perfume? My 2 Charles Austin that are flowering at the moment do - my favourite rose if it is possible to have such a thing. ( but it does so well; looks nice; picks well and smells divine. )

Julierose said...

I love the MATO colors; a question for you: Which AQ do you own? Does it cut through all layers well? My Go Baby dies leave hanging threads and does not cut all the (for instance) all the 2" squares--the top and bottom ones don't separate at all...I am very disappointed in this machine...my DH bought it for me last Christmas because of my shoulder and wrist issues. I only do 4 layers and don't overload it and iron all my material first...aaaaargh....hugs, Julierose

HollyM said...

What a pretty quilt! I've always liked that pattern but have been put off with all those matching seams. Was it tricky?

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love your Bento Box! It's huge! Love your fabric choices. It must be your summer because we're heading towards winter here. Your flowers are so pretty. Makes me long for warmer weather!

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Looking good!!! Now you have got me imagining quilting ideas.



imquilternity said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! Are you going to keep it for yourself when it's done or is it a gift? I don't think I could part with it if it was mine. I give you so much credit for working with pieces that big... they are too much of a hassle for me. :) Love the blocks you are making for the MATO. Can't wait to see it on Friday. I'm onto the applique border and it's not easy for me since I've never done applique like this before, but it's fun and I love how it's starting to look.