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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The REAL Studio Tour - Week 2

Good morning from New Zealand
Yes, it's the second posting from everyone joining in this three weekly studio tour hosted by Vicki, when I have finished this post I'm going along to join in the link-up, if you would like to see the favourite storage ideas please visit her site

The REAL Studio Tour

Three items from my sewing studio are shown below

First one on the left is a small set of rimu drawers just 15 high and 12"across and I keep quilting cottons and sewing cottons in here, the spools just fit nicely laying on their side. One drawer for quilting, one with threads used for piecing, decorative threads and so on for top stitching. I've had this many years, it was a gift from my husband and I just love it.

Second item is another small set of drawers, this one I bought at a local Trade Aid shop and it's mahogany, very, very heavy, but I loved all the small drawers and it's 25" wide 12" deep and 13" high and the size of the drawers make it pretty useful for bits and pieces, the sticky labels were put on a number of years ago and they really need to come off now they look much nicer without them but you can see by the labels the sort of things I have in there. This was a hurried photo so apologies for the quality.

Something which I find really useful and also good to look at whilst I am at the sewing machine is my set of magazine holders

I have four of them lined up there (one didn't make the pic), one has all the manuals and so on related to the sewing machines, iron, embellisher, another has notepads, thread catalogues etc, two with books/patterns that I may be looking through and marking for future reference, my Quilt Mania magazine is tucked away there for the Midnight  At The Oasis pattern - I have to do this as there is not enough room where I sew for my large bookcase!

Come along next week when we have "the grand reveal" shots of our studios in all their glory as we work away. No tidying up for the camera just whatever is around gets photographed!

Don't forget now - hop over to see who has linked up with Vicki

Happy quilting


Julierose said...

Oh those wonderful wooden storage cabinet are so pretty. I like the idea of drawers, too...hugs, Julierose

Vicki W said...

I love your little cabinets!

elle said...

The diagonal wood grain is gorgeous and the smaller drawers are great as well. The magazine holders are something to think about. Thanks!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've always loved little furniture and if I had room I know I would have a collection of tiny chairs and cabinets. Definitely envy yours!

Sharon - IN said...

You do have lovely wooded cabinets! Tidy and pretty!