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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wet Wednesday and Work in Progress

After two hot, hot days we are having a very wet day indeed - good for the garden though and I just knew I should have dead-headed the roses yesterday but hopefully better weather Friday.

This is a photo of my all time favourite day lily and I think the name is Queen of Siam but not sure I should have written a label, this has a lovely scent  as well as being a beautiful colour.

Even with the wet weather I had a good day and a package arrived with a few pieces of fabric and yes I know I have joined with others pledging to not buy fabric for six months beginning 1st January 2014 so I am getting my fix now. The purple on black dot was needed for my MATO so there was no way I could avoid buying that and a little extra fabric crept into the packet. The turquoise shell montage will be used as a border for a future quilt  with the pattern yet to be decided on.

These can wait on the table until tomorrow and then join the stash. Still busy with MATO (see last post) and I am playing around with nine patches at the moment.

This next round needs to finished by Friday next week so I do need to get busy in case any last minute problems arise. We then have the log cabin style border and that's the last one. Final link up is at the end of January for the finished quilt!

I'm onto the quilt for our grandson  just cut out at the moment and hopefully this will be finished by Christmas. 

Strips of the Owl fabric with the green/blue stripe will alternated with strips of flying geese.  Should measure around 32" by 45" and after posting this I'll go back and start sewing the geese together, tomorrow is MATO sewing day.

A good quilting day for me and hope it is for all you quilters out there

Happy Quilting



Julierose said...

Pretty nine-patches...there's that mauve-y color I love...we are awaiting the first real blow of Winter here, due to come in tomorrow night I guess. Today it is an unbelievable 45 degrees--balmy for this time of year here. I am
not complaining tho'; great walking weather.....hugs, Julierose

Carli The Quilter said...

Wow, pretty new fabric, looks very nice, I'm looking forward to the rest of it. :) Carli