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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The REAL Studio Tour

The REAL Studio Tour starts today!!
Vicki of Field Trips in Fiber is hosting this Tour for three weeks. This first week is about our favourite non-traditional sewing tool ( two more weeks to go). Mine is a very simple effort, way back in 1989 a very dear aunt of mine passed away and many of her personal possessions came to me. She had been a great dressmaker and mender of clothes so she had a good sewing box at her disposal - that came to me. It was like an Aladdins Cave in there - old wooden Sylko bobbins, small and large safety pins from way back when, bias tapes and elastic which had perished from being in there so long, needles  - well you get the picture.

In the midst of all this was a small box holding huge needles, the largest of all was black with age and rusty and had a super duper point on it, now at that time I has having issues with hand joints (still) and finding it difficult  holding two small pieces of fabric in place whilst leading up to the machine needle  I  thought if I held onto the needle and stuck the point on the fabrics I could feed them through without much trouble, for a time that's just what I did (cleaned the needle of course)  my husband then had the idea of just shoving a wine bottle cork on top to make it easier for me - voila - perfect for me to hold between forefinger and second finger - I have used it ever since.

You can see in the above shot that I don't have to try and grasp a large handle, just a sort of light pinching hold
I keep this right by the side of the machine on an antique tile along with a few other necessities!

Next to the pin holder is a neat tape measure in a native wood case with paua shell insert on the top, the husband of a friend of mine makes beautiful sewing accessories using various native woods.

So - a quick post today but I did manage to add a few more batiks to my collection following a visit to the quilt shop - I only went along to collect a GO die!

Now do head along to see what everyone else considers to be their favourite non-traditional sewing tool, thanks to Vicki
I'm just going to link and head over there - see you soon and don't forget that next Friday we are showing our favourite storage solution
Have a good weekend 


Sarah said...

I bet the cork makes it hard to lose the needle too! Wonderful idea and probably better/easier than the corsage pins I've been using...

elle said...

Nice batiks. But very nice use of that old needle. That is such a good idea. Sometimes the simplest things... ;)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've used the cork/needle when I've wanted to punch holes in paper but never thought of using it as a pushing tool - wonderful!!

Sally T said...

I've seen the suggestion to use tweezers, but I like your solution better. Tweezers seem too fussy and hard to hold. I have an awl that I think I'll try. Great idea!

Vicki W said...

What a great homemade awl. I need a new awl and I'll see if I can't make one myself.

Mary said...

Great idea and one that has sentimental ties as well.

Sharon - IN said...

Should have read this post before sending my wish list out! Love your simple solution.