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Monday, March 3, 2014

Autumn weather

March 1st is the first day of Autumn for us down here in New Zealand and today (Monday) is a true Autumnal day, a drop in the temperature, showers, wind and sun all in the one day - time for an extra layer on the bed at night time!

The weather began to change on Saturday as we went for a drive up the coast, low tide and a boat on the lean.

 Saturday we finished hanging a few pieces for our small exhibition. John and I are members of the Howick Art Group and we are having a joint display of our work at Green Gables cottage just a few minutes drive down the road. This is the "headquarters" of the Howick Art Group and all members, apart from myself, are painters. We have to go down to the cottage to take more photographs - I took mine here at home but having issues with my camera. I have one below "Bridge to Nowhere" complete with two small white lines which are flower head pins and I forgot to remove them! I have made three small pieces in this style using three blocks left over from Fractured. I will post the other two next time. What an enjoyable process - slicing, adding and more cutting and turning bits around - lovely and as I have two more blocks left I will do the same with those.

More cats will be cut tomorrow after pressing the pieces from my large scraps bin, the colour this month is teal and I really don't have hardly any plain teal fabrics, most of my fabrics are multicoloured, I had collected a few batiks and Kaffe Fassett fabrics and then remembered my Jinny Beyer stash so grabbed one from there. Hopefully these kitties may be ready by Saturday.

That's me finished for now my screen is telling me I have low keyboard batteries so better publish.
                                   Have a good week, happy quilting from me


Sally T said...

Theoretically, if you are heading into autumn, we should be seeing spring. Maybe its here and just hidden by the snow? I look forward to your teal cats...just make good mousers this time!

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Maureen, New Zealand is one of my locations to visit some day. Good luck with the showing and sales of course!

Maureen Heywood said...

Will do!

Maureen Heywood said...

Hope you get to make a visit

Fibre frenzi said...

I love your quilting....I particularly like the turquoise pic! Aren't we lucky - we now have Spring on the way (after an extremely wet and windy winter) x