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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Busy Binding

More quilt binding today this time on my Fractured quilt renamed "Catastrophy".  First on my list was to bind the quilt early this morning and then take the plunge and wash it later in the day but when I came to unfold and check for any stray threads I realised that I hadn't finished the quilting on the dyed fabrics - can't imagine how I missed that but suspect it was when the dye run threw me out of sync. Finished the quilting and now have the binding machined on and all ready to hand stitch down.
I've used  multi coloured fabric for binding which half way through I thought was the wrong choice but the body of the quilt is so colourful and the one I have used does blend in quite well I think.
Tomorrow John and I are on duty at the Cottage looking after our small exhibition and it will be an ideal time to sit with hand work.

My goals for this month include the quilt for Sam and finishing MATO but I also have one or two other projects to work on at the same time - more about those in later posts. Also bought a Gelli Plate to use for mono printing, I have done this before using a small piece of heavy duty bevelled glass, but these look as if they will be great and all being well will start to play this weekend.

I desperately want to get out into the garden but the weather here has been so very hot and even with steady watering a lot of my plants have suffered. Thankfully when I checked my clump of Babiana bulbs they were quite plump and look as if there will be another beautiful clump flowering later in the year, I love the colours of these little flowers

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what pretty flowers!