Waiting In The Wings

Friday, March 14, 2014

Cyclone weekend coming up!!

Here in New Zealand we are hunkering down ready for a cyclone to hit this weekend.
We sometimes get these, or at least the tail end, coming down from the tropics and they can be nasty.
Information coming to us presently is that we must remove heavy objects, fasten things down, have emergency rations and plans in place, prepare for possible loss of power and telephone coverage, land slips, heavy rain, flooding and storm surges on the coast. Add to all this gale force winds and we have a weekend which is great for folks wanting to catch up on reading or playing with Gelli Plates but a not a lot of use for outdoors folk!

In readiness for all the above I am hoping today to work on a cot size quilt today for our youngest 10 month old grandson, a very simple strippy quilt which now needs quilting and as we have power today I am playing safe.

This began life as alternating owl fabric strips and flying geese strips, cut everything out and started to put the geese together but in a moment of non-concentration I cut the triangles as quarter squares and of course had huge problems, the fabric was so stretchy. After fiddling around for a day with these they all went into the rubbish bin and I had a rethink.

When he moves into a bed I will make a special quilt.

Given the prospect of all the above weather predictions I am gathering things together. On the reading front I have a couple of lovely Home and Garden type books on the table, latest magazines from SAQA and Quilt Guild UK and a very special book which arrived yesterday.

This is absolutely delicious!!

I knew Kathy at Material Obsession had written another book but until reading about it in a post by Wanda over at Exuberant Color
I didn't realise that release was imminent.

Added to my book shelf is now a beautiful copy, signed by Kathy,  all ready to join me when I curl up in a chair with a cuppa and listen to the howling wind and rain.

If I feel like being a little more adventurous here is the Gelli Plate I mentioned in an earlier post and I have plans for that over the weekend.

Hopefully my sewing studio will not be getting the direct force of the cyclone and I will be able to work in there safely. We have been told to prepare for possibly having to have windows repaired/replaced!

Hope you all have happy quilting weekend, or a happy whatever you are doing weekend.



Exuberant Color said...

I hope you don't get hit hard by any of those side effects or the main storm.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Gosh you are well prepared! Often these thing are not so bad in Taupo. If it turns nasty I will head for the studio - that is if we don't loose power.


Fibre frenzi said...

That book looks mouthwatering....happy reading and gelli plating. Keep warm. (by the way I have ticked a little box in the comment section. I wonder if this will do the trick??)

Sally T said...

I hope you are hunkered down and safe. It looks like you may be in the thick of it now. I hope your beautiful garden holds up well too!

imquilternity said...

You are in my thoughts... hope all is well with you and you are in your sewing room busy creating. Take care!

Janet said...

It sounds like you are well prepared for a cyclone. I hope it isn't too violent for you.

Barb in Mi said...

Please stay safe! Love your quick strippie with owls and more! Have been eyeing Kathy's book for a while now - between her and Bonnie Hunter books I feel everything is covered.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Take care and stay safe!! Please let us know how you like the book -- I've been curious about it.