Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Go Slow week!

Not really much achieved at my place over the past week - due to internet woes and  tendonitis in my right wrist.  Top of my list was to take the plunge and wash my Fractured quilt - if you're not familiar with my saga of the dyed fabric run in the quilt check out this post. The results of the wash (with the addition of about 14 dye catcher sheets) is below. 


So the sheets did a good job, there was only one fabric which really changed colour, the grey which is the top centre block changed to a soft pink/grey and the white rings are a definite pink now.

 I can live with that, the quilt is over the fold down bed and looks really nice. Some of the other fabrics also had white in there but they didn't take up any of the dye.
Before my hand began to play up (probably helped to bring it on) I was cutting 6" strips off  my Jinny Beyer Colour Palette fabrics, all 150! Also was able to bind this
 small  8" square piece.

I now need to catch up on reading all the blog posts which I wasn't able to access over the past three days so that will keep me out of trouble for a little while! Also I see that there are new fabrics out for KF, PJ and BM (no time to type in full) and I need to put in an order  - sadly this action may get me run out of Fabriholics Annonymous as it's not fabric considered essential for finishing anything - I just need some!!
Enjoy the week


  1. In the words (letters) of my children, OMG!! That is one heck of a lot of colour! It's almost as if that fabric was never washed after being dyed? The quilt looks great though, and in the words of someone else wise, the muggles will never know.

  2. Great result with your fractured quilt. Where did you get your dye catchers from?

  3. Congratulations Maureen! That is a ton of dye that was "caught" in those dye catcher sheets. Wow. Are you going to save those sheets to use in another quilting/art project? :) I love the little piece you got bound too... it's lovely!

  4. So glad your Fractured quilt survived the trauma of the dyes! It looks gorgeous :) And your little quilt is awesome - love the color/value play!

  5. So good to see your color catcher washing result! It's a fabulous quilt and I am glad after the bleeding fiasco you have 'bonded' with it again ;-) It's so worth it and will hopefully live in your house for years to come!

  6. I'm so glad that beautiful came through the wash so well. And don't be surprised if you see a new pinky gray colorway show up for sale. But I'm still mystified...not by fabrics bleeding, but by not knowing which fabrics will catch the dye and why.

    1. Thanks Sally - was going to email reply but it seems you have "noreply-comment" up so I can't! Thanks for leaving a comment and in the case of the dye it seemed to be the red/purple fabric that was the culprit!

  7. Love, love, love your Fractured quilt! That one is also on my to do list...


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