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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Purple ScrapHappy on Saturday

I've been busy making six more purple kitties and making another journal quilt, I have two more  to make before the end of April, that's another story so here are more kitties, now have ten purple in all. 

I had to take this with my iPhone and they're not as clear as I would like, my camera is playing up so this is the best I could do for today. My intention is to get them all my cats arranged ready for sewing sometime in January next year, I'm planning ahead!

Autumn has truly arrived with us in the Southern Hemisphere, the mornings are crisper day by day but the days are beautiful - apart from the rain we had for visiting royalty. The leaves on the Japanese Maple in the back garden are just beginning to colour up for the season and the parakeets are back in the apple tree pecking holes in the fruit. If they would sit and peck at just one that's OK but no, they have to go around as many as they can taking just one bite from each apple.

All ready for the "season of mellow fruitfulness" I treated myself a few weeks ago to a beautiful knitted and felted bag from fibrefrenzi, also a smaller bag as a Christmas gift (told you I was planning ahead) do go along and have a look, not only fibre but paintings bursting with colour, looking at the posts gives me a huge boost every time.

this is the larger bag

smaller bag
The detailed work in these is just amazing.

Sunday morning here and I feel like sitting outside with a good book and morning tea, garden seat here I come after linking up with so scrappy and all who are taking part in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014, please go visit. 


Julierose said...

Oh just loving those bags--are they knit or crochet or felted??? Just gorgeous work...hugs, Julierose

Needled Mom said...

Those bags are really stunning!

I love the purple cats! Those will be really fun to put together.

Sally T said...

Maybe you could put your adorable purple cats to work out in the garden. And thanks to the link to that beautiful website.

Teresa in Music City said...

I love your kitties more each time I see them! They are very regal in their purple!!! And I'm drooling over your new bags - woohoo!!!

I'm so excited about Spring here, so as much as I've always wanted to visit New Zealand, I have to say I'm pretty happy to be at home right now:) I bet it is absolutely gorgeous there in the Autumn though, isn't it?

ms lottie said...

I never get tired of seeing the cat blocks - I think it's the glorious colour! It's well and truly Autumn up this end of the country too.

Fibre frenzi said...

Love your purple kitties and thank you so much for mentioning fibrefrenzi!!! Thinking of you starting autumn as we start a fantastic spring x

Cathy said...

Oh, those kitties are going to make one awesome quilt. They are so cute.

Wow, I love the texture on those bags...like a garden.

Sheila said...

Oh my. What cute purple kittens.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Great purple cats!

Stunning fibre bags - I know you will enjoy using them!!!

Barb in Mi said...

Beautiful bags!And I love your purple cats!

imquilternity said...

Sounds like you've been having fun and keeping busy. Your purple kitties are so cute. I'm curious and anxious to see how they all look put together into a quilt.

Are the parakeets in your apple tree wild? I've often wondered the same thing as you... why only one bite out of every apply. What's wrong with eating the whole apple? :)

And, the bags... they are truly lovely. It's obvious just how much each one required. So, so beautiful. How will you use yours?