Friday, April 18, 2014

A quilter in the making?

Sadly my computer is down so in desperation I took the plunge and loaded the Blogger app on my iPhone so I'm not sure how this post will look! The photos may be too big, please leave me a comment or email me if it's a disaster.

Our 9yr old grand-daughter wanted to have decorations for Easter both at our place and hers, in an effort to avoid sticking tape or pins in our walls I suggested making bunting to string across our lounge and we would make enough for her to do the same at home. As I was busy cutting there were odd pieces left over from the fabrics she had chosen and when I looked up she was busy on one of my design walls
I think looks great and has given me some ideas.

This is all I'm going to post just as a tester and hopefully will have things under control for posting to RSC 2014 in two days time.


  1. Your photos and text look great! But hope your computer gets well soon.

  2. It looks as though you might have a quilter and an artist in the making.

    Congratulations on getting the app to work - including loading a photo and good luck with the computer. I'll bet you feel completely lost without it.

  3. Gorgeous colours as usual. Hope computer back with you soon !!


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