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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cats (RSC 2014) and Baby Blackbirds

Two weeks ago Barb in MI very kindly offered to send me a few pieces of brown fabrics for my cats, they arrived yesterday morning so I had time to quickly make four to add to my two made earlier in the week when I found a piece of KF brown/black  left over from years ago, also made a grey batik  (left)  which I think you'll agree looks really weird!! He may not make the final cut!

I love the leopard spot kitty on the left

the one on the right reminds me of exploding fireworks

Paw prints on the left,

marbled fur on the right - this probably could have gone under the Orange heading but I think she fits in just fine here with all her pals.

Before I link up with
Angela over at Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014
here is something far removed from my cats above (hopefully)

 just outside our ranch slider onto the balcony we have a blackbird nest in the trellis (just two feet away from the door) momma bird was sitting on three beautiful blue/green speckled eggs and now both she and poppa are busy feeding three babies. They nested here last year and if we're digging in the garden they fly down,  sit by my side and wait for grubs or worms to appear as I fork the soil, pick them up and go off back to feed the babies. I feel really honoured that they would nest so close and trust us, I managed a quick shot yesterday and one of the babies was very obliging. I have always been fascinated by birds so this is a real joy for me.

On a sad note to finish this post we were horrified to see on our news that another school shooting had happened in America - surely this madness has to stop. I do hope none of you reading this know anyone caught up in this tragedy.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Kittens looking great. Please leave mr grey cat in. I like him! Just as well those blackbirds don't know there are so many kittens close at hand!

Leeanne said...

Your 'cattery' is growing!! Sweet wee birds and so close.

Charlotte Scott said...

I hadn't heard the news, so frustrating and saddening all at once.
Hope your wee birdies keep you smiling. And yes, agree that the batik one is a little strange, but interesting all the same!

Sally T said...

Love marble cat. And you never know with cats. I bet the brown stripey batik cat will happily snuggle up against a sweet yellow cat while that smug leopard cat will want separate sashing.

Angie said...

Your kitties are all adorable! That block has turned out to be such a fun way to use scraps. Thanks for the baby blackbird picture! I'm fascinated with birds, too and can spend hours watching them.

Terri said...

If there is a quiz later, I'm saying my favorite is the orange marbled one on the bottom right.
That grey one on the top left is like a cat that roams around in my current neighborhood. (Moving soon. Just after Halloween.)
Thanks for showing your collection.

Julierose said...

If marbled tabby doesn't play well with the other more sedate (!) kittens--you may want him for a Halloween medallion? I personally love him to bits....Hugs, Julierose

Cathy said...

Gray batik looks like a ghost cat! I'm sure it will be fine in the finished quilt. I think the one you think looks like fireworks looks like a cat with really fluffy windblown fur!

Teresa in Music City said...

Always love to see your new kitties!!! That gray one is weird - it's true - but it may fit in nicely with the other kitties once you get them all together. Real kittens are like that - there's usually one in the litter that looks a little weird, but I usually found that one to be the one with the most personality :)