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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scrappy Delights

Been busy with my scrap blocks  for Choose Your Own Block-Along and Scraptastic Tuesday, and I'm posting about both these projects at once - makes things a little simpler!

A couple of posts ago I mentioned I had been experimenting with my camera settings. Usually it is just set on Auto and I point and click but then decided to play around with manual settings  - very interesting. Below are my latest Pineapple blocks first taken with light meter on cloudy and the other in daylight - quite a difference in colour

Pineapple Chunks

Pineapple Chunks

the one above is the true colour.

More blocks for "H for Heywood" below

Linking up to the Block-Along and then on to cutting more Drunkard's Path pieces.
Enjoy your week


Fibre frenzi said...

I absolutely love the pineapple chunks, You are so talented! Lucky you...entering Spring. We are definitely entering Autumn....the rain is lashing down at the moment!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Beautiful progress!!!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Good for you for playing with the manual settings--something I still need to master. Those pineapple blocks are awesome!

Gunn said...

Colorful and pretty!
I love it!

Roxanne said...

First time looking at your blog. Very nice "H" blocks! I did Wanda's pattern from Exuberant color for a quilt for my son Harry. It was fun and turned out great in plaids. Enjoy!