Sunday, October 5, 2014

Muted Cats!! RSC 2014

Browns, blacks and greyed down murky colours this month, quite a change for me!
However I do have some fabrics which meet the criteria and have enough to make 10 cats again this month.

There is one cat which isn't murky, in fact she looks as if she has been having a good time in the garden but I love the fabric so she had to come along

and even though I don't normally work with these colours I am enjoying using them!!
Going more into the browns next week.

I have four scrap projects on the go and loving every minute, "meeting" so many lovely quilters by joining in with challenges and quilt-alongs is making me a happy camper!!

Now I'm going along to meet up with Angela and all the other scrappers working on their RSC2014 projects - just follow me over there!

A quick photo here not at all related to quilting, but it's the start of Spring here in New Zealand and a pot of Basil is sitting in my kitchen scenting the whole room - isn't it a gorgeous shade of green?

Have a happy weekend


  1. Those cats are beautiful. That colorway would make an amazing quilt all by itself...but I agree that those are colors I appreciate but don't tend to work with. And thanks for the reminder about basil...I just ran out to rescue mine...temps may dip below what it can tolerate.

  2. What wonderful cats. I just love the muted stripes and the floral (Monks hood I think). We've been harvesting our herbs and drying them out all summer so we have lots and lots for the winter months.

  3. Mmmmmm I can almost smell the basil!

    Love the new litter of kittens.

  4. As our fall season begins with shorter days, cooler temps, and falling leaves ......

    Lovely kitties - and fabric choices!

  5. Great cats! The one on the top left is really lurking in the shadows!

  6. Love your cats, the grey w pink flowers is just too cute!
    Do you need some browns - I can send some...

  7. Cute kitties! It's getting cold here so I took cuttings from our old basil plants in the garden, potted them up and they are now in my sewing room in a sunny south window. I love basil, tomato, grilled cheese sandwiches on home made bread!

  8. Yummy basil! Mine is still growing (fall in Florida) and I remembered to snip a few leaves to make a creamy italian salad dressing yesterday. So yummy. Love the dark side kitties. They look like little rascals ready to go play.


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