Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Scrappy Cats!

Only two more kitties this week and those of you having read my post on Drunkard's Path will know why production is down this week,  also I am short on brown fabrics but
Barb over at Paintcreekquilt
contacted me and oh so kindly said she would help out with browns - thanks again Barb!

Even though I love bright colours- the brighter the better -I am liking these subdued kitties.

Short post I know but here's a photo of the new Spring growth on a Japanese Maple in the garden

this is beauty in full leaf both Spring and Autumn as the colours change.

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  1. I think those quiet kitties will help rest the eye from those other "rambounctious" hugs, Julierose

  2. Brown is a great color for cats. Enjoy your drunkards path -- looks like a fun quilt along.

  3. The subdued kitties are beautiful, and love your Japanese maple.

  4. I really appreciate your photos of spring. Keep them coming. And are my eyes deceiving me, or has the cat on the left been stealing food from the looks a tad heftier?

  5. I love all your kitties, muted, subdued, bright and colorful ....
    Understand how you feel about quilt alongs, sew alongs, row alongs. I enjoy all of them. The curve blocks tempted me, they make awesome quilts, but I don't think my fingers would like them either.

  6. Very adorable kitties. I love the spring pictures since it is fall here and starting to get cold.

  7. These kitties are so sophisticated and elegant . . . nice contrast to their brighter, noisier cousins.

    Love seeing spring (while the leaves continue to fall here)!!


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