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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Count down to lockdown @11.59pm 25th March 2020

Here in New Zealand we go into lockdown at 11.59pm
on Wednesday 25th March 2020.

The decision was taken by the Government yesterday and
the announcement and details were given by the
Prime Minister.

This was the sunrise yesterday just a few hours before the announcement.
Rather spooky!!!

As of tomorrow at 11.59pm life will change for us.
Schools and universities shut down, shops, restaurants also closed.
Building sites closed down, the list is a long one!
The essentials to remain open will be pharmacies, medical surgeries and
supermarkets everything else will be closed.
We are all to remain home, we can not mix with others, not even family, we can only have
close contact with people living in the house.

All 70 year olds and those with underlying health problems (me) are classed as
high risk so thank goodness for the telephone, skype and facetime and computers.
We have to arrange for groceries to be collected
 - thank goodness we have our three adult 'children' who have all
offered any help we need. 

It has been difficult to concentrate over the past three days
but I have a finished table runner top, or it could be used as
a very long wall-hanging, I just have to trim the
sides and then can sandwich it for quilting.

I used the Ombre digitally printed range from Jennifer Sampou and the pattern.
This is my first experience with this sort of fabric
and I much prefer my usual regular quilting fabrics.
However, I do love the colours!

Measurements - 72" x 16 and 1/2"

Well, almost time for the latest bulletin so off to the living room
and the tv.
All of you stay safe and well and we can keep in touch as usual
with our blogs and our quilting adventures!



Leeanne said...

Strange times ahead. Take care.....and find happiness in creating!

Nancy J said...

Love that colour graduation. Last Monday, we did a big grocery shop, Tuesday a usual visit to the Dr, the fabric shop, Mitre 10, and a few other places. All changed in a flash, I listened as the level went from 2, to 3 for 48 hours, to allow people to get things in place, then 4!!! I am SO thankful I am not a working Mum with young children or teenagers at home, We have had offers of help from friends near us, and one will do grocery and pharmacy stuff, another the transfer station drop off. Take care up there, stay in your own bubble.XXXXX

Quayquilter said...

It's the same here in the UK just started. Thank goodness for the quilt making.
You have made such excellent use of the ombre fabric.

Julierose said...

Smae here in State of CT in the US!!
I love that fabric--such gorgeous colors...
Stay safe now and enjoy the sewing time...
Hugs, Julierose

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well I worry about my husband more than I worry about me. HE is the one at risk more than me. You stay in and stay well as best you can.

Now, that project is beautiful. I hesitate to order digitally printed fabric except for a panel or two that I have in my stash. What is it about them that makes you like them less than your usual fabric which is probably quilting cotton. Other than more vibrant colors I don't see why they are more expensive.
xx, Carol

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

In Arkansas we do not have the order yet but I imagine we will get the lock down soon too. My daughter in Wisconsin says they start it today. Mainly though you can still go to the grocery stores and the pharmacy I'm not sure what else - oh and can walk at parks as long as you maintain a distance - hope this all will really help

Louise said...

Pretty table runner! What was different about the fabric? Just the digital printing? Did that make it stiffer? Best of luck with your lockdown. We're not finding the staying at home part very difficult, since we're used to just doing our own thing on the boat. But the uncertainty of when we might be forced to leave the Bahamas is unnerving.

Debbie said...

You have plans worked out....stay safe.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Love the table runner. Such a wonderful gradation of colors and a nice design to show it off. Stay healthy and safe.

Ann said...

A blessing that your children live close enough to drop off groceries. The table runner fabrics works well together and I imagine they will show off your dishes beautifully. I bet your dishes are busy like mine. Stay safe. Best wishes to you, your family, and your countrymen.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Pretty runner! We are on "stay at home" and thinking we really need a lock-down approach. Well over 100 cases locally with near doubling daily. Blogs and readers and commenters are so important now to help maintain our connections to the outside world. Well wishes to you and yours.

gayle said...

Stay safe! I'm really glad you have children nearby to watch out for you!
We're grounded here as well. Since I'm over 65 with lung issues, I made the decision in February to stay home for the duration. Crossing my fingers that all stay healthy!

Sue said...

Great to have the adult kids to help out Maureen. We have a grand-daughter close by who is going to collect groceries for us and deliver them here. I am in self isolation having come back from Australia on Sunday. DH is nearly 80 although very fit, but I have to wear a mask around the house, and sleep in the spare room, which is OK cause I can now read in bed!! We have our own computers...I am banned from his, I'm sorry for those with teenagers, as they are probably over it already, not being able to meet up with their friends.
I believe we are so fortunate to have our love of crafting, which helps keep one sane in these difficult times.
Look after yourself Maureen...you've got lots of stash to sew up!! LoL!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

We have the shelter in place in our state too. My daughter in law picks up the few groceries I need so I haven't left been in a store for a week now. I wonder how many more weeks it will be before it all comes back to even semi-normal.

audrey said...

So glad that you have help you can depend on. It's a crazy time for sure.:)

Linda said...

Hope you and your husband stay safe and well during this current pandemic. We’re in a similar position to you. We are allowed one session for outdoor daily exercise - walking, cycling or running. We walk each day for 45 - 60 minutes, starting off from our house. We are lucky that there are lots of different walks so we take it in turns to choose the route. Today it’s John’s choice. We see very few people and everyone is mindful of the 2metre rule. After so much rain and cold weather this week has been a really treat, blue skies and bright sunshine. Quite warm too at 13C. But by the weekend cold and windy again so we’ll make the most of the nice weather whilst we can. A bit of Spring cleaning and sewing and reading keep me busy.