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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Slashed Squares - 25 blocks complete

Yes, at last all 25 blocks finished and up on the wall, the blocks were easy to cut and sew but the time spent on arranging and re-arranging has been phenomenal! No sooner would I think I had a good arrangement than I would return the next day and find that no, not quite happy and so another re-arrange.

Below was the 'finish' in the morning, blocks just pinned, not too tidily though

 I wasn't happy with the block on the fourth row third along from the left, so in the afternoon

after changing  the block I didn't care for and replacing,I  also just moved two others. Yes, it's busy, but I like a good mish-mash now and again! I could continue on with various permutations but I'm calling it finished but I am open to suggestions. It really wasn't too nice a day for photographing, the quilt is brighter than shown but we have a wet week on the cards so I knew the problem would be just the same the next day. There's a list of projects by my design wall and I just want to make a start on at least one of them.

New fabric arrived two days ago from the Kaffe Collection and four from Snow Leopard - Philip Jacobs 

this one is obviously Parrots, Snow Leopard range, bright and bold and that's what I like, but I find the fabric slightly heavy if that makes sense, just not as nice to handle as the KF printed ones. Washed and hung on the line in the rain to see if would soften, it didn't so I think this may go with my backing fabric collection, it may be a contender for using on the back of the Slashed Squares.

The other three from the range have a softer feel to them, the difference is noticeable when handling the new Brandon Mably fabrics.

Snow Leopard range

Brandon Mably

these ones from Brandon are a little out of my comfort zone but I loved the design and colours.
A few from Kaffe's new collection came along for the ride and needless to say I love them and can't wait to begin using them. I'm having to go with simpler patterns now and checking my Accuquilt dies it looks like there's no end to the projects on my list which will be do-able with the ones I have. They're so expensive here in New Zealand, even the mats which are needed.

The Spring weather, both sun and rain, have boosted the flowering and new leaves on trees, climbers and even a few of the roses, the Japanese Maple in the back garden has leaves just breaking out

and the purple Wisteria is beginning to put on a good show

A little re-arranging in my small studio has taken place slowly over the past few weeks, I think the present arrangement will be workable but I have more fabric to tidy and put in their respective containers.
One problem I can't seem to solve is whether to continue keeping fabric ranges separate as I do now, Kaffe, Anna Maria Horner, Tula Pink for example and there's an untold number of others but I find I'm hunting in quite a few baskets to find all the necessary blues or pinks or reds etc.  it would be easier if everything was just stored in colour regardless of designer, or solids, or patterned, something to think about but I'd be interested to know how you store your fabrics.

Time for me to decide on lunch, we're eating early today so I'll head to the kitchen. Before I go  I do hope you are all safe and well after the horrific weather happenings in the USA and Canada. Been thinking of you all.

Take care and Happy Quilting until next time



Julierose said...

Lovely slashed squares piece--brilliant colorways!! I am trying to use my dies more, too--really cuts down on arm and hand fatigue...
We are a bit "under the weather" here after our covid boosters and flu shots--but not too bad--just very sore arms. So, today will be a resting/easy one...
Take care and enjoy your new fabrics hugs, Julierose

O'Quilts said...

So happy you are quilting xoxo

Quiltdivajulie said...

Your slashed squares is magnificent and I do think you should let those PJ parrots join the party! As far as how I store my fabrics, they are by color only (including solids) without regard to designer or manufacturer. I tried keeping things separate long ago but found they took up too much space and, like you, I had to hunt and hunt in so many places to find a color combo that I liked.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I think your slashed squares last layout looks great. What a wonderful riot of color!

I still have designer fabrics separate but I'm thinking maybe the Kaffe collective from the last 3 or 4 years needs to be by color. I like to keep the older Kaffes in order by number. I'm hoping to bring some of my fabrics up to my main floor studio before winter. Even though my basement is warm in winter, I don't like to be down there after dark and there are so many dark hours in the winter.

audrey said...

I think your layout is working very well! The wild explosion of fabric and color just feels so 'you'! Glad that you're feeling well enough to dig into this project.:) These quilts that are open to so many different options can be a little exhausting during the layout. I think you really just have to zero in on a certain color that you want spread throughout the quilt and ignore other things. And eventually just go with it! I don't buy a lot of specific designer brands, so I just store all my fabric by color. I definitely miss the one quilt show that always had a vender with the Brandon & Kaffe fabrics. It was so sweet to pick up these little spots of color for the rest of the year!

Janie said...

Your wisteria is beautiful! And exciting design fun is going on here, thanks for sharing.